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The 6m Purple Monster

Bit of random googling brought up a 6m bell, so having sold the Bear Lake, decided the tent fund would have to stretch for this monster. I picked it up from Devon as I was staying in my van (small van I keep in storage) at Wooda in Cornwall when I got a phone call to say it had got through customs. Having no patience I drove 100 mile round trip and dragged it back to the caravan site to pitch it.

Errr it's slightly large...

Slight trepidation as I was unsure if it could be pitched solo, and as the majority of the time I camp solo, this was a bit of a major worry.

But yayyyyy! all pitched (even with Homer & Barley hindering and gales blowing) single handed

It's first proper camp was at Roebeck on the Isle of Wight. I arrived late so slept in the quechua base seconds pop up. It's not very pretty but i always take it to set the kitchen stuff up in, so the bells (or any other tent) remain free of junk

Sides up, the weather was brilliant

adapting the camping cupboard to blend in a bit..

Home for 10 nights, bliss!

Cooking tackle set up


first night in the pop up

long drive home...

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