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The Touareg (aka the Toerag or Gruffatent)

Since the purchase of Tillie, definitely one of my favourite tents - mainly due to the access from both front and rear doors.  Purchased from, although the price has shot up now. If possible buy it from Obelink in the Netherlands and save yourself £200!

Very quick and easy to pitch with a nice thick SIG (being sewn in means half the pegging points of the ZIG or loose groundsheet tents)

A trip to Scotland


The inner tent is an ugly looking thing and doesnt seem to make full use of the tent area.  It fits in the one side but hangs a bit crap and just looks garbage (especially since I tried to dye mine and it didnt take, leaving it a dull khaki shite colour)

Being a smaller space (although more usable) than the bells it is easy enough to heat this tent though.  It also stands up remarkably well in strong winds

Another plus is the fact you have windows in both front and rear.  I did worry these would be draughty as they are made of mesh, but the zip up cover on the outer seems to keep the heat more than adequately.
I made some curtains to insulate them more, but its a bit of a faff making them

Curtain showing a bit in this pic
(dont normally do TV, it was November and I wanted to watch I'm a celeb!)
Also with the 2 flat walls, it is easier to set up a kitchen area within the tent for a quick pitch
Making a porch for cover outside is a bit tricky as although you can peg it over the spikes using clingons, the rain will still drip over the door entrance gap.  I found the 'sails' work better, allowing the windows to be left open in the rain without any leakage.  Mine were from canvas and cast, but they are easy enough to sew a couple up yourself.
They are also handy for storing wood etc underneath
After having my beloved Toerag for over 12 months, I decided a facelift was due.  And so the 'Gruffatent' was born
The Gruffatent

It also gave me the excuse to make some random accessories on the sewing machine!  Strangely they dont do a kingsize gruffalo quilt cover, so I had to cut and adapt a junior one with a green KS one
More cushions...
Hmmmmm....what next....??

CRAFTY POST - My revolting conservatory-camping-store-room, really needed a makeover....

Finished!  So I get asked, where do I store all my camping kit? The answer is