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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bell Tent clamp Table

After seeing the mdf circular tables mentioned on the camping forum I emailed the company as I wasn't too keen on the plastic laminate finish. They were very accommodating with my various questions, I wasn't sure if I wanted wood (it has a oil finish and more expensive) laminate etc etc. After a bit of tooing and froing it was decided I would go with the original table with a plain mdf finish that I could do something with (hadnt a clue what but it was £10 cheaper than the original..)

As I wanted it before the trip to Scotland they were v good and the parcel arrived the next day and there it was...hmmmmm a pretty ugly plain little table! (did think at this stage perhaps the laminate wasn't so bad!)

So original front and back of table (the back is sealed)

A quick layer of primer and left it out to dry. Stupid as it then pissed it down with rain

Looked through my dregs of paint and found a nice clumped up white one coat gloss. Went to b & q and got a small match pot of an aqua colour and mixed it into the gloss. Seemed to mix ok, so I slapped it all over the table

Finishing touch was some stickers. Cathy had ordered some for her trailor so ordered a few pages from here

There were 2 types. So I proceeded to wet the ones I should have stuck and stick the ones I should have wet.... Threw the first one in the bin, and read the instructions

Bit of faffing and voila!!! All finished

Will take a pic of it in use in Scotland if I ever work out the clamps

In use!

My centre pole was a bit small tbh, so i had to pad it slightly with the foam in the box to get a secure grip. Clamps are easy to fit though

Another advantage is I dont bang my head on the chandelier!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ooh la la...... working in Paris

I don't usually get dragged out into the public eye very often, but when the company is desperate they send me out to set up and network the exhibitions at the venues.

I was given a choice of Paris or Zurich so opted for gay paree as I figured it was easier to run away home if it all went tits up

Arrived in Paris to torrential rain and ended up walking around for about an hour trying to find the venue location (office had given me some vague instructions along the lines of '2 The Grey Building, somewhere in Paris').

Finally found it, but can't say the architecture was particularly welcoming. Not sure what the significance of a fungal fingernail was

Started to look up though when i found it and the first shop I came across was Decathlon...and habitat..and a nice little designery type shop that sold 6ft red staffies and spaniels in wellies. Just what I was looking for...

Spent all day Tuesday stuck at venue, which resulted in a lot of pictures of a big arch

So here is the big arch

Some posh shops and stores overall, these Parisians are famous for the impeccible dress sense, but I have found their secret....


(actually woman at the front looks like she has no trousers on)

Finished work about 7pm and tear arsed across Paris on the metro. First stop was the Arc de Triomphe. I forgot how many bloody steps it was...

Nice shiny telescope

Quick photo opportunity and back down the steps,jump on the metro and do the mandatory trip to Eiffel

Couldnt fit it all in the picture

Doing his lighty up bulb things

And the usual 'Bggr keep forgetting the video can't be portrait style...'

Was a bit weird but there was a rabbit visiting Eiffel. He had brought a packed lunch with him and everything. Is nice to know that wildlife likes to take time out travelling too. Although I thought asking for money was a bit low, I'm sure he could have got some bar work

I was going to dive into the local 'subway' and get a sandwich and bottle of tango, but decided to embrace this travelling lifestyle. So I sat outside a restaurant and had pasta and beer just by Eiffel. I'm sure I looked the part but I got bored shitless reading the same map for an hour, and staring at people over the top of it for something to occupy the time.

Back to the hotel. Thought this was a poor example of telegraph pole workmanship...

Looks more like something i would do to support a tarp, not hold up a few thousand volts (looks like the dog that went past wasnt impressed either judging by the wet patches)

Next morning I got up early (and flashed my tits to the workmen across the road as I didn't realise the curtain was open and there was a building site opposite) Donned sunglasses and a disguise and went off to explore around Montmartre area.

First off the Sacre Cour. What you cant see are the hoards of Nigerians trying to sell you handbags with bows on them, just on the steps. Seriously I wouldnt buy a hangbag in Coventry market, never mind here

Climbed the steps to the top and looked at the info board to see what the marvellous views were all around me

Unfortunately it was a bit hazy and I couldnt even see to the bottom of the steps

Proceeded to walk round the back streets in search of Montmartre cemetery. It had a few famous dead people there and seemed like a good idea

Was pretty impressive and only for the wealthy obviously

Harry Potters family space ship

You get a map in the office that shows where the famous people are buried. I had actually only heard of 2 of them, so it wasnt going to be a long visit. First off is the famous 'Alexandre Dumas'. Who....well....everyone knows....of course...well...he....ummm....yes yes, he is on the cover of my Kindle!

Anyway I looked for him for about 15 mins and couldnt locate his grave

Its one of these...

I did find someone else at the graveyard and asked them where he was. They explained that he wasn't there at the moment (not quite sure how he had gone anywhere else, as a rotting corpse is going to look a bit out of place on the metro) but that his bastardized son was still buried here. Anyway I couldn't find either of the bastards.

Next celeb was the painter 'Degas'. I managed to find him as he has a picture on the front

He did lots of famous pictures of mostly ballerinas and women with their tits out. I could have modelled for this one, it's nice that he had some artistic interest in porkers

I thought this was a match 'made in Macdonalds'

Onwards to the Moulin Rouge and the tube back to La Defense

Time on the metro back to polish up on my French. This translates to 'Something something something in the door. Risk of a fairy princess in a castle'. Not quite sure what the criminal rabbit signifies though

Returned home on plane later the same day (was v good as I got the window seat both ways. Is usually an argument if I go with family)

And finally a word from the cabanots.....

Having gone through our Human chaffeurs pictures we were delighted to see that she was considering buying us our very own pop up. We were very excited debating as to whether we would be getting the Armadillo...

Hold on, hold on top shelf! A more subtle beige number???

Think of the time Jimmy will save pitching one of these!!

Soooo with baited breath we got our pressies!! Yayyy!

What is it, what is it???

:(.....So a replica Eiffel Tower....

And of even less use, our very own Arc De Triomphe...

Although we may have found a use for the tower, should the bell pole ever break...

Au Revoir!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Huh hum....nearly finished the kitchen....!

Well as I was banned from the blummin camping forum I had to find something else to occupy me this weekend (did debate running off in Tillie for an overnighter but was very responsible see)

So it's not finished yet (ceiling needs painting, kick board needs doing at bottom of cupboards and a couple other little bits) BUT it is nearly done!!! Yes you of little faith out there, I can now get through the obstacle course

So a few pics of the work in progress....

It became a bit of a maze the last few months, and everything got balanced in the middle.

The fish weren't happy in the pond as I lost the fish food about 2 years ago. This has now miraculously turned up and I am weaning them back onto pellets rather than pond scum

This was the corridor in, Homer hated it as he couldnt get round the bendy corner without a run up

After a lot of umming and ahhing I decided on the pale green

Half a wall later and I hated it. So dived in with 'Dulux Vile pink'

This did raise second and third and fourth thoughts as well, but i ploughed on (really not a 'pink' person)

Half a tin of paint later (that mix ur colour dulux stuff is bloody good - only needed one coat, it's really thick)

Here's Homer modelling Dulux Adobe Pink 2 (I think he would have preferred the duck egg blue)

Less chaotic and paint nearly done with my trusty assistants help (he loved it, we found 3 toys he had lost)

Today was drilling day. Would just like to apologise to the neighbours having put up the curtain pole, microwave brackets, utensil holders, spice rack, clock etc etc Noise bloody annoyed me, never mind them

And so we are nearly done.... (MUST MUST do the last bits and not leave them :( )

Where's the dog food going mummmmm?!

My lubberly dresser cleverly hiding all my shite in the cupboards

I can sit on the stools and stare at Tillie through the window now

Mummmmm whats in that nice new box??

Will look prettier once I put the junk away outside (actually the sun was out all weekend so feeling motivated to do the garden now)

Barleeeeyyyy, check out the new box!!

So there u have it almost!!!

And Homers dog biscuits? The little shite has worked out how to lift the lid and help himself. I now need half a dozen bricks on the lid to keep his snout out :(

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