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Alice in Campingland

Smallest of the lot is little Alice. I acquired the 3m bell from FBA during the summer and decided I would make her a bit different.

Lovely and tasteful before she was demolished

I had done flower themes on the 4m bell and wanted something a bit different - I then saw a picture of a cheshire cat and I was sold...

So out came the dylon fabric paints and I plundered in defacing my poor pristine 3m bell

Ironed the paint and a layer of fabsil to ensure it was still waterfast

The tent was ready. Bunting next and a bit of scouring on ebay and the interior 'bits' were accumulated for it's first trip

So I headed off to a small campsite near Rhossili at the Gower. Arrived at 9pm so a bit manic pitching but was snug as a bug once i hid inside..

My trusty guards kept me protected

and Homer of course..

The 3m bell is easily the warmest of the bells. Due to the limited space no heat was needed - a problem sometimes in the larger bells is heating the high roof. Also it has the benefit of the ZIG (zipped in groundsheet) - always the best option as it is sealed but you still have the option to higher the sides (it is warm sometimes in this country honest). Plus if it gets dirty, you can unzip it away from the canvas. Although I do pitch all my tents on a tarp, saves a lot of cleaning up.

The porch is the same one used throughout - on the 3m, 4m and 5m - available here, I prefer it a lot more to using a cotton tarp

So all in all a success!

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