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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Huh hum....nearly finished the kitchen....!

Well as I was banned from the blummin camping forum I had to find something else to occupy me this weekend (did debate running off in Tillie for an overnighter but was very responsible see)

So it's not finished yet (ceiling needs painting, kick board needs doing at bottom of cupboards and a couple other little bits) BUT it is nearly done!!! Yes you of little faith out there, I can now get through the obstacle course

So a few pics of the work in progress....

It became a bit of a maze the last few months, and everything got balanced in the middle.

The fish weren't happy in the pond as I lost the fish food about 2 years ago. This has now miraculously turned up and I am weaning them back onto pellets rather than pond scum

This was the corridor in, Homer hated it as he couldnt get round the bendy corner without a run up

After a lot of umming and ahhing I decided on the pale green

Half a wall later and I hated it. So dived in with 'Dulux Vile pink'

This did raise second and third and fourth thoughts as well, but i ploughed on (really not a 'pink' person)

Half a tin of paint later (that mix ur colour dulux stuff is bloody good - only needed one coat, it's really thick)

Here's Homer modelling Dulux Adobe Pink 2 (I think he would have preferred the duck egg blue)

Less chaotic and paint nearly done with my trusty assistants help (he loved it, we found 3 toys he had lost)

Today was drilling day. Would just like to apologise to the neighbours having put up the curtain pole, microwave brackets, utensil holders, spice rack, clock etc etc Noise bloody annoyed me, never mind them

And so we are nearly done.... (MUST MUST do the last bits and not leave them :( )

Where's the dog food going mummmmm?!

My lubberly dresser cleverly hiding all my shite in the cupboards

I can sit on the stools and stare at Tillie through the window now

Mummmmm whats in that nice new box??

Will look prettier once I put the junk away outside (actually the sun was out all weekend so feeling motivated to do the garden now)

Barleeeeyyyy, check out the new box!!

So there u have it almost!!!

And Homers dog biscuits? The little shite has worked out how to lift the lid and help himself. I now need half a dozen bricks on the lid to keep his snout out :(


  1. WAHAAAY wot a luverly job on the 'heart of the home' makeover, just lurve the dresser with all the mismatched matching bit's n bob's. Job's a gud un hun***. Amazing wot can triumph from the adversity of a camping website 'eh? Please pass go and collect a get out of gaol card.

    BTW, any news on baby Cabanots yet? They've been at it long enough now, dirty devils.
    AA xx

    1. Mismatched, mismatched!!! They took ages to mismatch! Dunno about heart of the home, it's probably the only decent room in the house now tho. Rest of it in dire need of a makeover as well :(

      Noooo baby cabanots! Might have to have a word with them and see what they are up to though!


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