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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Latest thingummyjigs

Spent the last few days trying to fabsil and proof the MM2 tent. First layer on, left it in the rain overnight. And had blummin puddles everywhere in the morning. Arghhhhh!!! Always seems to be an issue with the yellow - thinks it because it's a dark fabric paint as opposed to the light ones i use elsewhere

Gardens too small which doesn't help, so can't pitch the walls properly

Put a second coat on and gave it a hosing and seems a lot better. Altho tickle is still leaking, but think it may be where i hosed the zip (will soon find out at the weekend when the torrential rain starts)

Other garbage I have been doing is making the large double fleece

Compulsory storage bag and a spare...

Made a humungous duffle bag and a washing bag for camping

Put some stickers on the wood box (dynamite box evidently) i got at the car boot at Bude

And lastly a quick makeover on the camping cupboard

Earlier tonight I chopped a hole in MM2 for the woodburner. Haven't a clue if it's the right height as it was all saggy. Fingers crossed

Homer is very critical of my work

So all set (well not really, I haven't packed anything) for Exmoor at the weekend


  1. Hi Val, looks like you've been busy,I have ideas but thats as far as I get, hope the wheather holds out for you, we were gonna got to stanford hall this week in the van but being a T2 he keeps flattening his battery, so have to check him out, happy camping.


  2. Come up with some brill innovative work again Val. Great stuff. Are you up till 3am doing all this lot or are you a secret relative of Speedy Gonzales?

    Best wishes for your Exmoor trip.


  3. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a very creative lady!!! :-)

  4. Mr Strong really doe hold the tent up, brill. Great fun though, will brighten up any rainy day campsite. Have fun. Are the Mr Men painted on the fleece?

  5. Nah the fleece was just a small printed one, just doubled it and put an edge round it to make it warmer and bigger. Took MM2 this weekend, no leaks!! yayy


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