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Saturday, 28 April 2012

She can seeee!

Well Tillie had her optician appointment today and is now proudly displaying her new set of eyes

They are nice and secure and have a pocket that tucks over the doors

Ok she looks a bit thick but I love her...

Darkens the inside of the cab nicely so we can get some zzz's

I had to work in Exeter for 3 days this week, so while I had the company van seemed only right to visit the daughter in Plymouth

First night she drove up to Exeter and we went for a meal. She recommended a nice local pub, the Mill on the Exe, looked lovely and thought it was really nice...

until she suggested we sit outside on the benches..

(I'm cancelling the life insurance in case there is an ulterior motive)

Safely out of harms way

but at least the local kayakers had fun and kept us entertained

Next night I drove down to plymouth and another meal, this time at the China House - at least the water outside the pub was safe looking

We had an interesting time trying to order 4 pints of lemonade though...(driving, we're not saddo's honest). 4 pints of soda water arrived, sent back, half hour later replaced, with more soda water, complained, waitress slammed glasses down on 3rd attempt. Quick word with manager and drinks were free. Even if they did taste shite.

I am looking forward to filling in the online questionnaire requesting if I was pleased with 'Chelsea's performance'. Lets say she wasn't going to get into any premiership teams

Next day returned home with grotty 6 hour journey, but at least i got my luvly woofers back

Didn't do a lot this weekend due to weather. Peed it down so couldn't fabsil Mr Men. Took a trip to ikea instead to take a couple of solar lights back. Refunded £46, spent £61. Should have just kept them it would have been cheaper

Might have a crafty sewing day tomorrow - Need to sort out the Mr Men fleece and a few other bits. Supposed to be packing up for next weekend in Exmoor, but weather forecast is crap again, think we are in for a soaking next weekend :(


  1. Tillie looks almost coy with her new sleepy eyes!

    Wish this blummin weather would dry up so we can see MrM2 in all his glory. Are you planning a Mr Men jamboree with LMB?


  2. Was planning to pitch MM2 next week alongside MM1 in Exmoor - but unless weather clears a few days I can't get her waterproofed, so will have to take a 4m bell instead :(. Just scrambling round the attic searching for MM stuff now (sounds like attic roof is going to take off)

  3. We gave up getting drinks at all when we went to the China House. Well done for persevering!



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