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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mr Men on back boiler

Well the theory was I would finish the kitchen decorating before starting on the second Mr Men Bell Tent

But decided painting kitchens is rubbish, and painting Mr Bump and friends is much more fun, so the paints are out again

Pretty much finished now, just need to press, pitch and fabsil it. Hopefully it will be done by the May Day Bank Holiday where it can be pitched by Mr Men 1

So some random pics, tried to theme it more towards camping this time to make it a bit different....and just realised I haven't painted the Mr Tent patch, so will do that after....

Mr Fussy was first...

Mr Strong holding up the entire tent - not sure how this is going to look really until it's pitched...

Muddle, Tickle and Tall attacking the bunting

Mr Small gets to grips with his swiss army knife

Funny and Rude back on the doors again

Messy and his fly swatter (he's a bit 'fluffy' is mr messy, preferred him a bit rough round the edges on the first tent...)

Greedy and Rush (dunno what happened here, as greedy has a hand like Jeremy Beadle that appears to be in a position which is impossible to replicate, and rush seems to have weird legs. I'm thinking they are both perhaps double jointed)

Grumpy and Bump (bit lethal this one, as if Mr Bump does actually fall he will be stabbed in the middle with a tent peg. Not brilliant childrens entertainment really)

Even a out of season Mr Christmas got a look in

Lastly Mr Nonsense and Sneeze, in what had to be included on a camping trip....

Other news is Tillies 'eyes' have arrived, but as she is having surgery (booked in for service) atm she will have to wait for opticians appointment until she comes home

And still have Cornwall trip over easter to blog but is taking forever


  1. As the late George Formby used to say - "turned out nice again, an't it?"

    Again,another brill invention Val. Been looking everyday for your latest. Does that mean I should get out more OR that you're more entertaining than telly?????

  2. Hi Val, i too have been checking everyday for the next venture, am lovin the mr man 2 van, looks fantastic. brilliant blog.sue

  3. PS - Val, LMB's MrM quilt is a corker, bet you're one proud mum.



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