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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

And Cornwall again..Part 2

Not sure which day we actually visited Port Isaac, as they all morphed into one torrential week. Unloaded the dogs out of the car (they were pretty amazed as they had already had walks and were just settling down for some zzzz's...)
Homer soon perked up and thought the signs outside all the shops inviting him in to 'taste their prize winning pasties' were all targetted towards him.

They were treated to an ice cream instead, as Homer is now resembling a football round the non existant waste line. Barley got first dibs, the camera isn't quick enough to capture Homers grab and slurp

So Port Isaac was turning into a bit of a doggy paradise...then the icing on the cake....the beach....with...FREE DOG TOYS!! WOW!

So clear up one by one they tried to remove the buoys from the harbour...

Bit of a messy job as they were covered in green slime, but they persevered to the amusement of onlookers

Apart from the navigational upset that my mutts have caused the harbour was very pretty

Back to the caravan for siestas...

Next day was a trip to Boscastle and Tintagel. It was raining again. I still managed to persuade the OH to clamber up the sopping wet elephant tho. (have to keep ourselves amused somehow)

Look no hands...(men are easily pleased)

There is one clothes shop that sells aqua coloured sailor gear in Boscastle. So it's very easy to spot the locals

Boscastle when its not flooded

Padstow next....

After waiting in car park entrance for 20 mins, we finally escaped and had a mooch round. V nice fudge. Everything belongs to Rick Stein here (except the fudge)

Was impressed with the dogs made of wellies though! I even donated a £1 for the honour of taking a pic

Back in Bude again, looking round the tat shops (who buys the bloody seashells??)....


We always listen to Radio Cornwall when we are down there. This week we were subjected to the horrors of the recycling and waste dept (they are not happy with them down there, Mr Brown has been waiting for 12 days now for them to take away his old readers digests) and the pasty wars. Although the locals seem very diplomatic about it...

Last trip was Launceston, not much there really except a nice shabby chic shop where I may have bought yet another bloody cushion

One strange arty farty building where they were exhibiting and selling. Had to have a nose in here

Is the kind of shop tho u are horrified once you are in, as we were the only customers, so we had to pretend to be interested in furry bitty hangy things. Went upstairs and it was even weirder, was a bloke painting but only exhibit we could see was half a loaf of hovis on a chair (I did ask if it was for sale)

And lastly a final walk over Widemouth beach before heading home, just so Homer can practice his Kangaroo impressions

And so think that's about it!

Stuck working this week, but planning a trip to Exmoor the May Day bank hol. Hopefully Mr Men 2 will get an airing

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