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Thursday, 5 April 2012

'Look into my eyes the eyes not around the eyes...'

After nosing on the VW forum I came across a van with a windscreen protector with eyes! Easily impressed I found a 'local' supplier (France..) and send him over the spec for Tillies new eyes...

This was my bodged idea...

(Yes I know she looks suicidal)

And here is a pic of the cover he emailed, all ready! (as I am away, I have asked him to send next week)

Yayyy Tillie will be able to see!


  1. Tillie looks as if she's ever so slightly pissed!!

    PS. Sorry for mispelling 'Tilly' on previous post, must remember to refer to her as Tillie. PC and all that crap

  2. Hmmm...perhaps it's the way it is laying on the bench..?! Ah well, she can be pissed. All that rock and roll lifestyle see

  3. Def pissed! But she's still lurvly.

  4. Just found your blog and thought I'd say hi, we've just bought our first T2 from a friend. Tillie is gorgeous!

  5. Aaaww cum on Val, getting withdrawal symptoms here. Get yer arse into gear lass, wots wrong witcha....blummin 'eck.
    From yer everloving AA.


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