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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cornwall in the tin tent..part 1

Got back last weekend from 9 nights in Bude. I have a small caravan in storage down at Wooda, and usually visit a couple times each year. We had to take the journey via Exmoor, as the daughter (the Mr Men one) was camping and needed to rob some stuff off me. So we rolled up at Doone Valley Campsite after negotiating hills like Everest. Daughter arrived shortly after, so we left them and their friends to get pitched (and pissed evidently) and went on our way

5 minutes after leaving the OH started shouting 'Over there, over there!!! in the trees! a black thing moving!!!'...Well had he spotted the beast of Bodmin?? No actually, it was a man walking a black labrador....Obviously a rare sight and the stuff legends are made of.

We arrived in Bude, sorted out the van and settled down for a week forecast of torrential rain and a few thunderstorms. Most days are the same - lie in, eat, walk dogs, eat, sleep, eat, sleep.

My 6 legged dog at the beach at Northcutt Mouth

Bude shops tend to change each season, as they close down and re-open as something else. The only steadfast ones are the Wild Wood shop and the fabric shop. Wild Wood is to blame for many of my purchases for the bells, it's a real Aladdins grotto, consisting of 6 rooms full of tat

The lady who owns it has red corkscrew curls. Her sister also works there with brown corkscrew curls. The OH insists every time we go in it is the same person. It's not. Red hair is a misery, brown hair is nice

Trips out included a day visiting St Ives.

After driving through 3 times and finally finding out where the only dogfree beach is we made our way to Porthkidney beach. We parked up and asked the Cheshire cat (dog) the way to the sands

A quick walk past the graveyard and throught the golf course and we dropped down onto the beach

The beach was gorgeous, very picture postcard, and empty of anyone. Probably as it was so blummin hard to find

Now this looks like a picture of a friendly fisherman. Which he was.

Until 5 minutes later when Homer managed to eat his entire lunch of sandwiches he has foolishly left exposed by his tackle box.

We ran.

Next stop was St Michaels Mount.

According to legend:-

Legend says that a mythical giant named Cormoran once lived on the Mount, and he used to wade ashore and steal cows and sheep from the villagers to feed his gargantuan appetite.

So pretty much like Homer really

Moving on we travelled through Penzance (nothing to report, although there was a robbery there at the same time as us which we missed)

And finally arriving in Lands End (with a milligram of petrol left) to take a few pics

Not really sure what's in here, as it was £3 to park, so we did a runner

Heavens opened so I left it with the OH to take some pictures on the return journey as I was driving.

First off we have the wind turbines which looked pretty elegant..

Evidently they are just behind the wall....

At least with the horrendous weather conditions, we had some stunning double rainbows....

After his final picture of the walk in the woods, I figured it might be better to give his snapshots a miss

Be grateful I have spared you his sepia, and pin prick effect ones

Stopped off for a meal on the way back, it was pretty busy, but he usually finds some way to amuse himself if there's a wait


  1. Steve - leave the photographic teccy stuff to Chrissie!!!!!!

    Val - Twixt you and LMB, looks like you all had a great week.

    I allus look forward to your latest blog. Keep em comin' hun.

  2. Reckon Steve shouldn't be let loose with a camera, he's a danger to society. Better he sticks with elephants and copper pans!!!!!!!



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