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Thursday, 10 May 2012

UKCS Web site...time to call it a day

After recieving regular bans, and my posts are either edited/deleted/locked/moved, I suppose I might as well admit defeat and give up posting on the blummin UKCS camping forum

What initially years ago was a source of decent campsite reviews, searches and useful information now appears to be run totally at the mercy of revenue and a few rather sad mods who get the power kick from manically forcing people off the threads by locking ip addresses, users etc - leaving only newcomers with little or often incorrect recommendations and advice (I don't claim to be an expert but I'm not going to tell people to run out and buy Halfords special camping packages for £30, recommending them for base camp on Everest)

Threads are often moved into vague chatter sections, any detrimental comments about products, campsites and tents all seem to be removed or changed to give a positive light on everything to ensure they get their 'cut' - This results in what seems to be shining but unfortunately bigotted reviews for both the products and the sites.

Without warning, people are banned or locked from posting for varying time periods - contacting the site usually results in either no response or the standard 'We haven't done anything to your account, it should be working?' Which it does if you find another ip, another user name and pretend you are a different person

Sadly lately anyone who posts a few pics of their recent camp now have their topics locked until they put in a review?! Resorting to blackmail is a bit low!! And pretty futile because one negative comment and it wont get published anyway

This blog address was locked from day 1, I know you get an autoban for just posting a link on there - nothing offensive was said about the site before, so I have no idea why any link to camping related items is such a threat to them. There are several websites that will just lead to you being 'autobanned' - facebook used to be, but obviously now they advertise on there it seems to be acceptable

Daily you see new camping forums popping up where all the UKCS outcasts are now congregating, it's like a leisure mutiny. (I can usually be found on this forum here and anyone is welcome to join!)

I would also like to point out that I never won a prize in any of their bloody competitions

So Ratarse and chums all the best for the future, and what a shame you ruined something that was once an enjoyable site

I'm sure I won't be missed on there, but unfortunately my departure goes hand in hand with 'The Cabanots', so 'farewell, adieu' from Jimmy and Sally as well!

Written by Homer the dog, he is under 16 and non sueable. These thoughts/comments are in no way endorsed by me


  1. hmmm.. maybe a spamming revenge is needed!!! i have been banned fr4om said website far too many times to count.. have had year bans, 24 hour bans and lifetime bans!
    but totally agree... it is getting well out of hand xx Tina

  2. I HATE Facebook but I know you use it Val. Major companies are running scared of facebook cos of the speed at which bad press can be propogated. Are you using it to zap sUKCS. The site is now a joke and a laughing stock to be honest. Shame. It used to be quite good.

  3. I think I am still banned from mentioning you have a blog!

    Floggitt Loves you!

    defectors are welcome on our forum

  4. Don't worry about it. You already have your contacts to arrange camping and we can keep up with your tent painting on here. Happy Camping.


  5. They closed Floggitts witty ditty as soon as I asked "why?"
    Think they have nothing better to do
    Their loss and you will be missed


  6. Such a shame you've decided to quit UKCS Val, I'm sure there will be people who will miss seeing pics of your latest projects and The Cabanots, but you do have a point. I've been banned twice for no reason (as far as I could see anyway)and on querying it got the 'it's not us it must be your end' reply each time, though by contantly emailing admin and insisting it wasn't my end all at once I was allowed back on.

    A newcomer once posted asking if there were any rules for posting on the forums, their post was removed so they posted again asking why it was removed, I replied (without saying anything untoward) and the thread was removed again. How on earth is anyone supposed to adhere to any rules if they don't know what those rules are??

    Must admit that after years of not allowing any mention of Facebook, and deleting threads/banning anyone who did mention it, I was surprised when all at once they started allowing it - must be a money thing I suppose.

    I also hate the way when anyone mentions a site they've been to Ratty jumps in reminding them to leave a review - I've personally done two but won't do any more because any criticism means it will either be altered or not published at all. How can anyone get an informed opinion when all the reviews make out that everywhere is fantastic?

    I recently started another blog linked to my first one, reviewing sites I've personally stayed on and mentioning the bad as well as the good - I'm not naming it on here as I don't know who might be reading this (don't want another ban!)lol, but if you can figure out who I am then you'll find it if you're interested.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your tent projects, and eventually a finished kitchen!

  7. I didn't so much 'quit' as get booted out the door.

    Mentioning my name is like Voldemort on there now!

    Give me a clue, I don't know who/where to look for the blog!?

    I will probably start doing reviews for the sites I visit, and may as well let the cabanots have a few threads on here as well

  8. It's the one written by the solo camper Val - you're already following it :)

  9. Val. Have only now been able to view your last two post's, this one and Exmoor; bloody lappy went on strike so couldn't look at anything. Now able to catch up. Been wondering why you've not been on ukcs for a good while (thought you might be busy with kitchen, perish the thought).

    Well hun, you will be sorely missed off there for both good advice and entertainment. 'They' are just a load of *uckin little Hitlers.

    Now we all know who gave birth to 'THE CABANOTS'. Well done you. Long may they reign.

    I personally cannot camp now due to worsening health/mobility issues but still have to have my fix by looking at your blog and different camp forums.

    Been kidding myself that one day I WILL go, have various pieces of equipment (all unused) thinking to make it easier but it's not gonna happen. Sorry, a momemt of indulgent self pity.

    Bugger ukcs, your'e worthy of better. Just keep blogging so I can get my regular fix.


  10. Val, one of the reasons i kept looking at UKCS was to keep up to date with your creations, and trips. I'll follow you on here now. What is the world coming to when you are not allowed to post anything freely. Your advice, (and some of the others on there) is great for new campers to learn tips nd tricks to make camping more enjoyable - i for one have learnt a lot.
    So long may you reign and long live the cabanots ;-)

  11. Without your advice I would never have worked out that a bell tent was the perfect tent for me, or found my perfect kitchen tent, or found the iceytrek; I could go on but don't want to bore you. I've thoroughly enjoyed & been entertained by your postings on UKCS & cannot understand why they have banned you again. They are barking mad & I hate that they lie to people when they have clearly banned them, by pretending they haven't. AND I now discover that the Cabanots live with you !!! I never knew & I LOVE them. Don't let the bastards get you down - you can live without them but their site will be all the poorer without your input. We will follow you on here & over at the 'other' site.

  12. It's their loss. The most maddening thing about UKCS (apart from the disapearing threads) is the lack of any published forum rules. Every other forum I've used has had a set of rules, so at least you'd have some sort of idea what you'd done to upset the powers that be.

  13. Wondered where you had gone? Like many others I have got loads of great info and ideas from your post, and this blog too so thank you for all that. I have laughed till I cried at some of your blogs and posts and would rather read an honest negative review than a not so honest glowing one, to be very disappointed when I get there. I never realised you could get banned from UKCS, what do you have to do. If I post and ask where you are will that get me banned too, if so, I'm off to do it, can't stand that sort of thing, sites like that should be open, free and honest. I thought it was, how naive! So for now, this will be a first stop for advice and laughs, maybe we should start an alternative? HCP - honest camping posts! Also pleased to find the Cabanots are your invention, again, laughed till I cried, next installment please, unless the kitchen has finally got some attention. So for now, I'll check out the link above, keep checking and writing on here and pass on any good sites, kit or ideas via this, if that's ok? Off to UKCS now to try a few posts, shame really, I wanted my 3 tent!

  14. Oh blinkin heck, does just mentioning your name in the message get me locked out? Did a message to you, tried to post it, no luck, tried again lots of times, no luck and then can't access any messages, can access tent reviews though. You must have said something really, really, REALLY bad ;0

  15. Yes don't mention my name it is an instant ban!!! (sorry!!!) Wonder if the 'cabanots' is a ban as well? Thats just picking on little plastic people :(

  16. It's unbelievable how they've treated you. Am sure more and more members are realising how bad that site is becoming and will soon leave and join better forums.

  17. Valdemort....the begining of the Arab spring in the Uk camping community? Wasn't long there myself (not there in person at all now, just the posts) before it became fairly obvious whose interests the site serves (news for you fellow campers it ain't you)...keep up the sterling work.

  18. I asked to leave a while back. I posted what I thought was a useful piece of advice about security and every post got removed. My husband stood up for me and got banned, so I asked to leave. I was told it wasn't necessary, so I asked again. I can still log on but don't have any 'membership details'. I'd rather not be recognised at all.
    I've been following your blog for a while - so glad I found it - dangerous though as it gives me too many ideas!
    (I'm not going to tackle our kitchen though!)
    Keep up the blogging, it is brilliant.
    BW, Mel

  19. Thanks Mel! It's amazing how many people get banned but if you search for anything detrimental about the site nothing much comes up. I think we all walk away with our tails between our legs, not realising it happens to loads of people. Your always welcome to join the forum above!

  20. You will be missed used to love reading your posts.

  21. oh no... I've only been a member for a few months and had begun to suspect there was a bit more going on behind the scenes than the usual forums I use. ( I used to be a helper on a fish keeping forum and can see how the power to move and edit posts might go to someone's head... if they were a twat that is)
    I was locked out of ukcs a couple of weeks ago but no idea why. new username got locked out too. no idea what I'd done.

    bit of a dilemma now. I had looked at other forums but none have the level of use that ukcs does. but if the reviews are modified then what's the point in having them?

    I only found this blog cos I was looking for ur pics Val. just bought a new bell and was looking for your link to the reenactment tarp thingy that you'd posted for someone.

    btw you're owe my hubby a wad of cash... if I hadn't seen your pics I'd not have my new tent winging its way to me lol.

  22. just got banned again, my membership is once again not active. I've joined the forum u suggested instead. I mentioned my new bell in my sig on ukcs and used V@L instead of ur name but I'm still locked out.

    some blokes must have really unsatisfying real lives if they need to get their power trip like that. or maybe other bits of him are rat sized too lol. no way I'll get back on now. I'm a rebel at last...only took me 42years and one bell tent purchase haha.

  23. I was doing some googling because I couldn't log into the UCKS forum, and stumbled across you on Twitter (following...), which led me here. I'm not convinced I was banned, possibly just a cookie gone bad (deleted UKCS cookies, logged back in and all was fine). I'll keep a closer eye out in future, though.

    Val - I genuinely want to thank you for your input into the forum. Your knowlege, your experience and your sense of fun was inspiring and helped many along on their own camping journey.

    If you find a welcoming forum home, please do let us know. I'm sure that we would love to join you there!

  24. Ooops - found it!

  25. Hey Val just been informed via FB, that you was gone. :(
    I'd asked on there about another long term member who is also missing - Valkscot. I asked on FB as I know asking on the site means the thread goes missing.
    A quick google lead me heres :)
    while we never spoke on UKCS I will truly miss your informative posts and the Cabanots.
    Still least I can keep looking at your lovely tents via this.


  26. Shelldean / Shelli I sent you a private message on MSE ( at the end of May, I recognised your username from UKCS and reckoned I'd give you a heads up. It's very sad isn't it, to see good people innocently posting good information on a forum that isn't run fairly.

    I love the Cabanots and the Mr Men tent too - off on my first evert bell tent camp today :)

    Ailuro2 /Ailurotoo

    1. Ailuro2

      Am SO SO sorry, i honestly never saw your pm over on MSE ( inserts shameful face here) Have seen it now and replied.
      I have known about the issuesfor a while, but usually just tell people to go to UCKS for campsite info or if they want advice on which tent to get etc.


      Am just shocked at how bad the banning and censoring has become :(

  27. Val,

    I just found your blog and its fab. I too left UKcampsite for exactly the same reasons - and of course the idiot that completely destroyed any chance of me selling my tent by comparing it to someone elses. That was the final straw. Im delighted there's still somewhere I can see your fantastic Tents. Anyway. Happy camping and hope you have a great summer. We're travelling further South than we've ever been in 3 weeks time - Devon here we come.

    Happy Camping - Des. (Dezzie).

    1. Thanks Dezzie, nice to hear from you! I remember you doing the sponsored bike ride as I think Tina and a few others donated pop ups etc? You are more than welcome to join us on 'our' forum. It's very relaxed and the topics range all over the place but it's fun and we have quite a few UKCS rejects now!

  28. Does anyone remember ELVIS.. from ukcs... he was barred several times I did hear he had his own forum running

  29. First - great blog. Read through a lot of your posts these last few days. Found you by way of my 'thing' about getting my hands on a canvas tent, either a bell or Hypercamp type.

    And then painting it. Then turning the interior into a boudoir that looks as though it was designed by a mad and feverish harem supervisor/designer. Anyway ...

    Second - my day job involves all things SEO and website related. I can see exactly why the UKCS site is obsessively patrolled. Almost any keyword combination that you can think of (for camping/caravaning related terms) is dominated by UKCS. Believe me, that's some feat.

    Had my cage rattled on there a time or two. Threads moved, deleted. Unfortunately it will remain at the top of the search engines for as long as there is fresh content, heavy traffic etc etc *sighs* - carry on camping Val :)

  30. Thats the phrase...

    Carry on.... CAMPING, after all camping is a leisure activity, and not a political minefied.!

    Found Elvis alive and well, and still strutting his stuff aroud the campsites

  31. Hello Val, Bluenosewidow here. I wondered where you had got to. I tried searching for you on UKCS but couldn't find you. Right, off to spend some time drooling over your tents.

  32. You're more than welcome to join us at the new forums!

  33. Just been restricted from the site myself, I made a comment that some posts
    for a certain item appear to be SPAM.

    After they removed my posts and restricted my posting it now seems clear that
    either the site admin post up comments raving about a product or give usernames
    to the companies to post a comment themselves.

    They do not like negative comments from a sponsor or contributor.

    If anyone reads this, how long had you been a member and how many posts
    had you made when they banned you?

    Looking for a new camping forum now...



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