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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bell Tent clamp Table

After seeing the mdf circular tables mentioned on the camping forum I emailed the company as I wasn't too keen on the plastic laminate finish. They were very accommodating with my various questions, I wasn't sure if I wanted wood (it has a oil finish and more expensive) laminate etc etc. After a bit of tooing and froing it was decided I would go with the original table with a plain mdf finish that I could do something with (hadnt a clue what but it was £10 cheaper than the original..)

As I wanted it before the trip to Scotland they were v good and the parcel arrived the next day and there it was...hmmmmm a pretty ugly plain little table! (did think at this stage perhaps the laminate wasn't so bad!)

So original front and back of table (the back is sealed)

A quick layer of primer and left it out to dry. Stupid as it then pissed it down with rain

Looked through my dregs of paint and found a nice clumped up white one coat gloss. Went to b & q and got a small match pot of an aqua colour and mixed it into the gloss. Seemed to mix ok, so I slapped it all over the table

Finishing touch was some stickers. Cathy had ordered some for her trailor so ordered a few pages from here

There were 2 types. So I proceeded to wet the ones I should have stuck and stick the ones I should have wet.... Threw the first one in the bin, and read the instructions

Bit of faffing and voila!!! All finished

Will take a pic of it in use in Scotland if I ever work out the clamps

In use!

My centre pole was a bit small tbh, so i had to pad it slightly with the foam in the box to get a secure grip. Clamps are easy to fit though

Another advantage is I dont bang my head on the chandelier!


  1. the table looks gorgeous, what a great idea to put one round the center pole! Thank you so much for putting a link to us on, that is really lovely of you.
    Have a look at coming camping with us in Aug details are here, and you don't need a flowery van, just the odd flowery table!
    brightest blessings
    Angela xx

  2. Val, I just clicked on the company's link, they are now selling unadorned mdf only tables, so anyone who wants to have a go won't have to phone them up and ask them specially. They must have liked yours! (Ailuro2)

  3. We did! Thought what Val did with it was great. So we thought we should supply totally "nude" MDF tables to make it more affordable and will enable people to do all their own painting, decorating and sealing. We are open to suggestions to try and give what people want. Thanks for considering.
    Kind Regards

  4. love the table, ordered 1 last week and it arrived today. Just need to decide on the stickers to decorate it with (might go with geckos). We are also looking to replace our guys with poly hemp and wooden sliders. We do have a couple of questions: Can you remember how long the guys are on a 4m bell? Also, for 6mm poly hemp do we need 8mm wooden sliders. I emailed but they couldnt help me.
    P.s love the blog, very informative and has made me laugh out load

  5. Yep, they would be the 8mm sliders - usually base the guys on about 2m long, 3m for the front 2


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