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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Started on Mr Men Tent

Finally got round to starting the painting of the Mr Men 4m Bell

As my nosy little daughter has already seen these pics I can post these.

Making a template for the poor pristine white tent

Firstly Mr Greedy on the door

Then Mr Rude...which caused a bit of upset, as evidently he is a newbie Mr Man, and not one of the originals. So we have an imposter guarding the front door (with a nice friendly BOG OFF!)

Then tonight I finished with Mr Bump - the hand lurking will eventually join to Mr Tickle but have got to mix stupid amounts of orange colour, as dylon don't do it. Painting the outline...

Progress so far. Bit of a nightmare manouvering this one as it's a 4m SIG, the groundsheet is always in the way

And close up Mr Bump 'filled in'

So will carry on and take pics as I progress, but won't post till after xmas as sneaky daughter will sneak on here

10th November

On the last panel - hooray! Just have the ironing and waterproofing over the paint to do then. Really like it, I want to keep it though!!!! I may have to do it all again on the 5m Bell....

Painting my 'signature' and all finished!

Looking forward to pitching it and waterproofing it before xmas somehow...

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