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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Guinea Shit gets a facelift...

It was never going to be a sows ear to a silk purse but at least Guinea Shit tent looks a lot more presentable now....

So back to the original tent complete with guinea pig teeth marks in the inner bargain £10 tent which maybe wasn't such a bargain...

It only took a couple of nights as I didn't plan on spending too long or much money on it as it is just to sell on

Original Tent front....

Back with splodge

And a dubious looking inner

Starting the paint job on the nasty splodge first...

2 nights later all done

Complete with guinea shit on the back

Decided to paint the inner - bad idea when it stuck to the table...will know to put paper under it next time

Finally pitched in the garden

Decided to get a few bits to pimp it....and had a go at a bit of crochet. Made these flowers up as i went along and have no idea what stitches i used, except wrap round a few times untill it was as long as i wanted it

Few poppy bits later and its done (dont like the quilt cover much ordered a different one but it hasnt come. Might try and squeeze this back in the wrapper...)

Without the inner (actually prefer it with the inner for once...)

Few bits im not happy with...i pressure washed it twice and it still had a small mark on it like a tide line....but after i fabsilled the paint, have got...bloody lines all over it where the fabsil is!

Im sure it will fade down and I cant be arsed to fabsil the whole tent, so thats pretty much it

Might take her for a trip at the weekend just so she gets used the once


Decided the tent bags were a bit disgusting (plus everything falls out the holes)....

So sewed up a couple of bags today out of the old wardrobe material gumball gave me

All in one bag now


  1. the lines add a certain "je ne sais quoi" from the inside looking out though.

  2. It's very pretty Val,


  3. wicked, should sell it to fund your tent obsessive behaviour :)

  4. I have bid, doubt I'll win, but would love to own a Val masterpiece! I don't have an artistic bone in my body unfortunately, but am always so impressed with the tents you do.

    Whats your next them going to be??

    1. Have no idea! Good luck though haven't a clue what she will sell for. About 120 watchers now but i think 119 are people just being nosy!


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