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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Plans for this year...

Well I am so far behind on posting about christmas, New Year and December camps I have decided to give up and not bother

First week of March I plan for a quick weekend at Byfield so I can post some pics up then of any imminent disasters

I am stuck working at the NEC today, hence me updating here and not actually working.  Is pure torture as I am working at the Spring Fair, an exhibition covering 21 halls full of shabby chic blummin everything.  The torture being it is a trade exhibition so I can see what the shops pay for all these lovelies, but know I have to double the price if I want them :(

Tillie is under general anaesthetic having her sills and outriggers welded and buffed (MOT came round...) but hopefully she will be ready this weekend and I can get a 12 month pardon until the next lot of repairs.  Obviously there is no guarantee she is not going to fall to pieces during that time, but legally she is fit to go

May is my big 50th birthday (arghhhhhhh).  And the social camping event of my year is a trip to Nantcol Waterfalls with a few others.  It is being themed as a fairy and goblin/elf (sorry blokes) get together, so I still need to shed a few stone before then.  The basque is still looking more roly poly than dominmatrix.

Hopefully I will get as far as Exmoor, Cotswolds, Wales at some stage.  Getting very itchy feet now in the brick house, it must be time to escape

The dogs are fit and well and bouncing off the walls in preperation

I also have a few days planned for Easter in the tin tent, so looking forward to traipsing round Cornwall again.

The only new acquisitions this year (so far) is a driveaway awning for Tillie (for when the weather is really shit), but it's not very quirky, or pretty, or modifiable so not sure how much use it will get yet

Plans on the painted tent front is the Toerag is getting Gruffalo'd!   I'll no doubt bore you with every step of the paint process once I start, and yes, there is such a thing as a gruffalo....

and a picture of Tillies new (old) awning...


  1. Nice to read another post from you Val, I was beginning to wonder if you'd been smothered under a pile of tents! lol

    Which driveaway awning have you got for Tillie? I must admit I don't really like that many of them, to me they just look like tents with a window or two, but I think the one I have looks quite stylish and it's certainly very spacious.

    Can't wait to see the Gruffalo tent, looking forward to step-by-step pics.

    1. Have stuck a photo on! Is nice canvas one... She originally came with a JK poly one but not too keen. Must try pitching it though really, be a novelty to sleep under poly for a range

  2. That looks quite stylish Val, and definitely looks like an awning and not a tent. I would guess it's maybe about the same size as mine.

  3. I've read all about your lovely tents and are green with envy but remember reading you were on a diet for your 50th. How is it going?? I'm also dieting at the moment as I am approaching my 48th and am doing Weight Watchers at the moment. Are you on track for your fairy themed get together???

    1. 2 stone off so far, but hit a brick wall atm as eating everything within sight! Would like to get at least another stone off before May - just need a bit of a kick up the arse! I dont follow any diet plan, just eat a lot less and do some exercise...


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