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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Toerag to Gruffatent....

Well finally got round to sploshing some paint on my lovely little Toerag tent (ouch price has shot up on these since last year?!)

Obviously the theme for this was pretty and feminine...the gruffalo

Painting didn't take long, just need to iron the fabric paint, pitch it and slap some fabsil on

So here's some pics of it painted up, all on the dining table as it hasn't been pitched yet, but gives a good idea

Here we go....

First side is Gruffalo's child

First side finished

straight in at the deep end...on to gruffs...
joined by scrambled snake....
and roasted fox...
Gruff side is complete
Didn't want to do much on the doors as it would be a bit overpowering (ha ha..hmm).  So just the gruffatent in the top pic of the page, opposite wall just has his paws and a 'patch'
Just need to find some bits to kit it out now. Not as easy as it sounds, gruffalo stuff is in pretty short supply - no fabrics or anything much around.  What there is, is either highly priced, or every bidder going snaffles it on ebay
Had a play and made a cushion from scratch
Have realised pom pom trim is a bggr to sew
And made an ipad cover anyway (not for tent obviously) but its a bit tight, so have passport and driving licence stuffed in there (useful information for any would be burglars reading this)
Looking forward to pitching it now, will update when I do!


  1. Wow Val, that is a super idea. I wish I ccould paint, I'm so envious.

  2. Looking good Val, can't wait to see pics of it pitched

  3. Mel (2goglamping)11 March 2013 at 20:28

    If only I had seen these pics a few weeks ago. I met Julia Donaldson and could have shown her your handywork!

  4. I wish I was confident enough to try this!
    Alternatively - would you sell her?!

    1. Go for it! I only started off doing daisies!. Strangely you are the second person today asking if I will sell or paint one for them.
      I would be terrified of messing up someone elses tent, is easy on my own, just change a splodge to a flower or insect!
      I can't sell Gruffs!! :(
      You could always try something less ambitious and do less on a tarp or door or something for practice?


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