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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tarquin does Nantcol...

Well it would have filled a whole blog if i tried to fit him in, so he gets his own entry here.....

A whole new adventure, sea, sand, rivers, his nephew Biscuit, guy ropes and tents for 10 days.  Doggy bliss

Rocks!!! Rocks!! WOW!

OK...So we start the day with coffee

So this will definitely keep the midges away? honest?

Splish splosh, paddling time

Wahhhahh I am the sand monster

Wahhh, is ruining my hair.  I shall tuck up my ears, like so

Woo hoooo...hold on...who's that coming?

Blummin great!!! Biscuit!!! Over here!!!

Brilliant these tent wing things, we can play under them 

and on them....

Lay still, I missed a bit of suncream...just here...

Give me a big kiss to say thank you...

And i know they think it's just like a holiday're a boy as well?!

I know, I know, lets play dentists!!!  err yes Mr Biscuit, it seems to be one of your back molars...

I'll soon sort that out for you....sqshhhhhh......waahhahahaa...pmsl

ok ok it was just a can share my toy

Nope mum, not tired at all.  cmon cmon

wahhh not towel drying time

can we play in the river now, please please

mums drowning, we have to save her

Geroffff! Its my turn to be Lassie

Saved :)

Biscuit over here, I need help

Are you getting tireds yet? Shall we give in

Am knackereds....

The End


  1. Great photos Val, looks like Tarquin had a brilliant time. And wow! hasn't he grown?!


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