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Monday, 22 August 2011

Err....ok another addition...

Foolishly left a low bid on ebay yesterday..

Checked my ebay later and had an item to pay for. Oops, have not even broke the news of Rhubarb to my other half, so will have to smuggle this one in as well.

New addition is a Cabanon Latitude. Doubt if I will be pimping him up but he was a bargain and seemed like a decent tent. Although they do look a bit like stain glassed windows, perhaps I could turn him into Westminster Abbey...!

Here are the ebay pics, yet to pick him up and see him in the flesh. The attic is going to be caving in when I smuggle him up there.


All collected and hidden in spare room now! Will try and get him pitched asap


  1. I love the bright colours Val.

  2. All collected now! Looks immaculate in corner of bag :) Probably big hole when i get it out :(


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