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Friday, 19 August 2011

A new project...Mr Men Tent

After a stupid comment by me, my youngest daughter decided it would be a great idea for me to get her for christmas a bell tent adorned with Mr Men. Of course it had to be suitably fitted out inside as well.
So the ebay searches have started and I now spending hours staring at Mr Bump, Tickle and their close friends.

I have now sourced a 3m bell from FBA and will be purchasing it at the end of the month

Quite exciting really, another tent I can be let loose on!

Just to point out the 'youngest' daughter is actually 24 years old....I'm not quite sure how her boyfriend is going to feel about waking up with Mr Bump staring through the wall at him

(Sorry can't update this till Christmas as my rather nosy daughter is now watching this blog! I will be working on it though!)

Update: 23rd August

Accessories starting to come together but no tent yet! Had a battle on ebay over Mr Grumpy and lost. Gutted

9th September

Imminent arrive of 3m bell next week...wooohooo

Playing around on paintshop and looking for ideas...think I need to get out more...

As my daughter won't agree to withhold from sneak peaks on here up until christmas, it will have to be a secret project making the Mr Men creation. Will update after christmas!


  1. This sounds like an amazing idea!!!!!!! What a nice present for your daughter. If it were mine I would love to have these Mr Men: Mr Happy, Strong, Tickle, Slow, Messy, Clever, Funny, and oh of course Mr Bump. Mr Small could also fit anywhere cos he's so small ;-)


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