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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

All rational decisions out the window as usual...

So yes.....I have decided to get a camper van

Mr Lloyds Gloucester Cheltenham TSB finally decided I really did need that home improvement loan, and transferred the money. This incidently was money I was paying off any debt, doing up the house and putting a bit away for security. See very grown up in my middle age. Well obviously not, as I have blown it on camper van instead.

I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but within 24 hours of transferring they were announcing job losses at TSB. Apologies if this was a direct result of some poor person releasing money to me

I had my eye on a little van for the last few weeks on ebay, but with no funds couldnt get in the bidding war. However, as it never reached reserve, I contacted the seller and we made a deal. Results of which mean I am travelling the 160 mile trip down to Arundel on Friday to pick her up.

I have my £10 special train ticket booked, and will be meeting my mysterious seller at the station - where he is picking me up and taking me to a barn somewhere (At this stage I would just like to say if this is my last post, he has murdered me)

I am fully briefed with everything you need to know about campervans. I have asked all the pertinent questions off the seller, does it have a cigarette lighter?, what's the awning like?, does it run on unleaded? Where's the handbrake?

I even bagged for £2.10 a copy of the haynes manual

Initially I bid on this copy but it scared me the amount of oil and pages falling out. Not a brilliant omen....

Finding the whole process very exciting, I have sent all week trying to amuse myself. Last night I sewed together a strange looking camper van fleece. I am hoping Tillie (yes yes that is my new babies name!) is slightly in better condition than my attempt at one

And no, she will not be filled with every vw paraphernalia on the market, I am being very reserved (cushion, chopping board so far)

I had a lovely weekend preparing for Tillie's arrival. This involved knocking down three courses of brick wall on the front garden. It came down relatively easy, except for a few bricks where i wanted to adopt foetal position and sob as they wouldnt dislodge. I then chopped down a small tree and dug up some shrubs and brambles, making the drive at least clear now if not exactly gypo block paved.

A couple of wood wedges to get her up the kerb (classy) and she will be safely tucked outside the kitchen window. Which is also an advantage, as you can now see into the kitchen having removed the shrubs, and obviously the kitchen is still piled high with crap during the decorating saga

Had a visit to T K Maxx in the week which was entertaining. There was a strange large bowl on the shelf with no price but with other clearance items. I asked the assistant how much so he went off looking for a similar item to compare it to. Being a man he compared it to something nothing whatsoever like it and came up with the price of £7

Debated for a bit and thought yep ok, is huge and would look good with indian themed garbage. Asked him what I said at the till and he said just get them to phone 'Bo-bil' and I will confirm with them the price

So gets to the checkout and repeats this to the cashier, he phones Bo-bil and takes the card payment. Meanwhile Little Miss Jumped Up shop assistant wanders over and asks why he is taking £7 for the bowl??? She had priced it yesterday and it was £50, reduced to £20.

So I stuffed the bowl in the bag, put my purse away quick and left the shop to the tannoy ringing out 'Bo-bil to customer services NOWWWWW!'

Sorry Bo-bil

Anyway, in less than 48 hours I will be on the train to Arundel, to pick up I haven't got a clue what, and may never reach home due to either mass murderer, or may in fact get home on the back of an AA transporter.

Will keep you updated!


  1. Good luck Val, hope she's a good one - dying to see her when you get her home. How many days will it take you to get back?? lol

  2. Just seen your pic's on ukcs - fandabbydozy. So does this mean that both the kitchen AND painting the Mr Men tent are both now shoved onto the back burner while you 'dress' Tillie up? Oh the sewing machine, the sewing machine, a girls best friend tra-laa!

    Enjoy her, and best wishes, AA.

  3. Yes kitchen is even further down the list now!

    Not planning on tarting Tillie atm, she's a bit too posh for me trash until the rust starts coming through!

    TM, took about 4 hours, was very pleased!

  4. Am not jealous, really honestly. Bet I get kicked out of hell for lying!! How did she perform motoring back to Cov.?

  5. Seen the pics on UKCS and looking forward to seeing plenty more here on your blog. It's gorgeous, a dream Veedub, you couldn't have planned for such a lovely van if you tried.


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