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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Messing about...

Kitchen decorating is still going backwards - the extent of work done is chunking out the plaster to run the electric cable and throwing some plaster on (which still needs a finish coat on)

However I managed to find time to pick up a couple of chairs off ebay. That was a saga in itself...I drove to a small cottage in the middle of nowhere on the way home from Watford. Sat outside for 40 mins, calling them every name under the sun. Went home in stinking mood. Checked the email and I had managed to scrawl the number 10 very much like a number 6.... Very nice person (not a complete arse as I had ranted to myself) arranged to meet me again the following week (they had moved house by now, probably to avoid ranting strange women in their street) and i picked them up

Funny thing is I had these same stools about 20 years ago when i got married. I remember the rabbit ate the legs..

Couple of coats of paint and a cath kidston paint job and here they are finished. Whether I actually sit on them in my finished kitchen is yet to be seen, but at least they look pretty

No updates on the VW camper situation yet due to a distinct lack of finances. Hopefully Mr Lloyds TSB hasn't sussed my additional mobile bedroom plans and will still relinquish his hard earned bonus fund to me.

Someone posted about crochet bunting last week, so I thought I'll give that a go...First a trip to hobbycraft to buy a crochet hook as I haven't actually crocheted again for about 25 years. And that was a one off when i did. Haven't a clue if crochet hooks work like knitting needles with regards to size so I just guessed. Crochet always looks holey anyway

Found a rough pattern to make a bunting triangle and started. Except I didn't know what a 'DC' was. Off to youtube and 10 mins later I am an expert in 'DC'

So here's the first few pendants, it may be a pretty short bunting run as I haven't done any since. (Instructions for making tassels here)

and another 5...

(well no they're not I have only managed to do 5 but thought i would scam it looking like 10 by posting 2 pictures)

As they were going so slow (not as slow as the kitchen decorations obviously) I had a flash of inspiration this afternoon...painted bunting!!!

I had just ordered a tarp (yes another, will explain in a minute) and thought I could paint a border of bunting on it! perfect! So had a bit of a trial paint about half hour ago on some canvas (which i can make into yet another drawstring bag. Probably to stuff all the other spare drawstring bags in) and here is the finished sample! Quite pleased with it, so project tarp is on the cards next (when i pay for it on ebay)

And just out of curiousity I did a google on images for 'painted bunting' to see if anyone else had any ideas I could rob. Don't bother, it brings up about 1,440,000 pictures of this same bird

So... why the tarp?...

Well I have had a bit of a clearout on the camping list. Selling on my obelink tarp, wood stove, spare 3m bell and spare pop up meant I built up my tent kitty enough to order the Toerag...So it is on order as stocks are out until end of April (very annoying!!!!) And the tarp will hopefully make a decent porch at the front with a couple of clingons.

Nothing much else to report, no camping now for weeks (well 2..!) By that time I'm pretty sure the kitchen progress will be as stagnant as it is now..


  1. Love the painted bunting, yours; the bird is very pretty too. Never thought of crocheting it, have sewn some and seen knitted bunting. Annoying the Touareg isn't in stock, we'd like one for first trip early April, but will take the bell. Your chair makeover is great too, comfy, squashy seats, lush. Thanks for your blog, lots of lovely ideas and it spurs me into action making things for our tent too. Good luck with spare mobile bedroom fund.

  2. I've got a wooden rocking chair at home, I painted it blue years ago. In Laura Ashley I saw an identical one in cream, over £200. I think I'll paint my chair cream too and rub back with sandpaper to give it a slightly distressed look. Loving the paint work and the cushions on your chairs, now I want to see what the rest of your kitchen looks like!

    There's a very nice painted chair on this blog

  3. YOu don't want to see the rest of the kitchen, honestly!


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