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Thursday, 23 February 2012

In search of VW T2 Campervans now...

I have always liked the old VW type campervans and it has got a bit obsessive lately. I went to see the nice Bank Manager (nice at the moment, absolute knob if it doesn't go through) and requested an advance on the mortgage for a 'Home Improvement' loan.

I didn't go into details what the 'home improvements' were, but am seriously thinking that a spare room on wheels made of metal and capable of driving off in it whenever I fancied, could only add value to the house....

Hopefully I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone as I would need to make some sort of drive/pull in at the front of the house for it anyway (thats the home bit)

So Sunday afternoon bright and early (12pm) drove up to Staffordshire to Dubfreeze just to look obviously (just as well i haven't got the money yet). Did have visions of women in cotton indian skirts and hair dyed in dreadlocks and rainbow colours, but everyone looked pretty normal (actually there were some right porkers there, but i don't think it's van related (other than hot dog vans))

Wandered round the carpark for a while first, as most displays were there. As it was 12pm, I think the majority had managed to just complete the 40 mile journey in less than 6 hours

So a few of the sites...

A romantic one of the beetle looking wistfully over the hills (was probably parked there so it could be bump started)

Now I didn't realise that the paint finish on these is actually a 'finish' as opposed to a work in progress....these are completed...

Was even pretty taken with these VW Karmenn Ghia's...

Some nice beetles inside

(and yes did think 'arghhh! picnic hamper in the engine?!')

This converted ambulance was lovely, and interior was perfect! (not all out for retro, but tidy)

Looking down over the hall at a lot of rusty doors...

Speaking of which, it seemed to be compulsory to buy doors...people everywhere had big smiles..and a door

another satisfied customer..

It took a bit of searching but I managed to find...the cushion stand! yay!

Some really nice makeovers..

Sooooo all in all a successful day and i was VERY restrained!! I bought a service guide for £3.95...just to see what actually would need to be done on a regular basis (apart from replacing most panels and the engine)

and one other little thing....err......

another cushion...

And IF the money comes through....and IF i decide to go searching for the elusive right one....

Now I'm not under any illusions that this is anything other than a foolhardy dumbass stupid money churning idea. I know there may be a few negatives (outlay, rusting body, petrol consumption, mechanics, interior conversion, storage, lack of knowledge) but I figure the advantages far outweigh these things (err....I want one cos they are nice)

I have no intention of ditching my tents though. The idea is to use the van as portable kitchen (dont like pitching and setting up this bit) and use the bells etc as a living/bedroom space

And thinking last night (obviously trying to convince self) also gives me the advantage that I secure the dogs somewhere comfortable while I am out

Not being an impulsive person (ARGH??!!) it may just be a pipe dream...

PS: The burgers were vile


  1. They do look fab - I borrowed one years ago and nearly cooked the budgie, forgot the engine was in the back! Expensive camping kitchen though, but saves taking a trailer with all the tent gear in, dogs would love those posh seats too. Good luck if you do it, you only live once so may as well enjoy it.

  2. Yeah is sort of my pretty much the last opportunity to do it....

  3. Val, I don't know if this would be of interest to you but Crystal Jo on UKCS had her VW for sale not long since. Completely refurbed and absolutely immaculate - don't know how much she was wanting for it, don't think it'll be cheap, but I can contact her to ask if it's still available if you're interested. She doesn't go on UKCS now but she lives in Mansfield anyway

  4. Hi TM - Yes I would be interested in any info/pics etc of the VW? Email is - thanks! I did try and post on your blog but couldn't get it to work?!

  5. Val, the ad for the campervan is on UKCS as a classified with pics, it's a 1966 split screen painted in cream/dark red and the email addy is

  6. Arghhh bit beyond my financial limit! £20k! Thanks though!

  7. Tbh I don't know why anyone would want to pay that much for a skip with a sewing machine for an engine! lol

  8. I had one and enjoyed every minute in here but unfortunately you need unlimited funds to keep up with maintenance, etc.

  9. Yep is a very foolhardy idea. Totally irresponsible and no doubt will regret it enormously. So there is a good chance I will go ahead and do it! :(


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