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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nomad 37 Litre Cool Box

Just a quick camping related blog for a change...

Someone mentioned on the camping forum that the Nomad 37 Litre cool boxes were up for grabs at £49.99 on ebay, as opposed to the usual £195 (robbery). They are sold out now but the seller is expecting more stock evidently (not sure how they managed to acquire so many rejects)

They were sold with 'cosmetic flaws to the lids' but fully functioning

Not one to refuse a bargain, and as the camping fund was pretty healthy due to selling a few things (sob) I ordered one

Arrived this morning in a humungous box.

Moment of truth opened up to see grotesque disfigured lid....

err..nope looks fine...

Ha ha! Found a little plastic sticky out dimple. Disgusting quality!

Homer marvelling at the pint of milk test (shows amount of room)

In all it's glory

Homer requesting rights to the pint of milk if Mr Nomad has finished with it now?

Overall blummin great for the price paid, but can't say I would fork out nearly £200 for one

On a comparison to icey tek I would say the following:-

Icey tek seems more robust, is a much better solid shape (totally square). Prefer the inset handles on the iceytek, the metal handle of the Nomad takes up more room.
Also on the Nomad, the dimpled shaped sides of the box are also obtrusive. The rubber catch on the front isn't brilliant, just slides over a protruding lump.
No core plugs supplied in the bottom of the box for draining purposes

May do a frozen water bottle test with all of the boxes (have the 25 & 55l icey teks and now this 37l nomad) and see which performs the best

In summary for £50 absolute bargain, for £100 buy the iceytek. Wouldn't touch it for £200, bloody ridiculous price

I'm sure I should be collecting shoes and not ice boxes...


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