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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Out and about...Nantcol..again...last but one part...

After dragging my eldest daughter and Rocket Banger up the hill in the morning in their pj's, we decided to visit the local beach at Harlech, and Harlech castle

Rocket Banger got her first visit to the beach
Homer decided to do a spot of fishing - I'm not sure he has the right techniques though...'here fishy fishy'
The beaches were stunning...Barley particularly liked them
even had a family photo shoot...
Moving on, we drove up to Harlech Castle via a route very similar to the Snowdon one. The car would have benefitted from crampons getting up the hill.
The sign at the entrance was very welcoming for any would be suicidal maniacs
Fully in fairy mode I wanted to be a druid and proceeded to haunt my way round the castle
I set a challenge to the others that they had to get a picture of the painting that an artist on the steps was doing....Christie being as weird as me had already taken exactly the same picture so it wasnt much of a challenge

I'm not sure it will be for sale in the gift shops any time soon...
Harlech Castle
So after climbing every one of the turrets, inestigating every nook cranny and hole in the walls, we were finished

As a reward for not only exercising but doing something educational, we drove to Knickerbockers in Barmouth.  Big decision time choosing which combination of ice cream to have :)

I'll have a scoop of bubblegum, rice pudding and branston pickle flavour please...

A random bear minding his own business on the sea front
Barmouth lifeboat, but no major disasters happening at the time, so it was a bit disappointing
Back to the campsite and waved goodbye to eldest daughter and rocket banger...
(don't worry it's nearly over now...)
Another dysfunctional family photo

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