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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Playing catch up on the blogging...

I have managed to miss reporting on the majority of trips this year, so will endeavour to try a bit harder next year...

But here is a quick summary of a few trips this year (I'm pretty sure I've missed loads), which included....

Nantcol 2014, where the 6m was given the French makeover, and Tarquin was trusted with not eating it for 10 days

The bell tent facebook group at Britchcombe in Oxfordshire, where Tarq made a new friend

Stratford Overland Show - not a tent to be seen - Just me, Tillie, Tarq and fox shit

A trip to Hayles Fruit Farm again.  Tarq was impressed with help yourself fruit.  The Toerag got its first use with the inner

A dogless few days at the Wilderness Gathering, near Stonehenge. This time in the 5m Nordisk Tipi.  Where men are men (in skirts) and women are ...well a bit weird.  Made a lot of useless, sorry invaluable crafty things.  Rush mats, gill nets, twine.... and ate...and drank....

(convinced this was Hugh Dennis in disguise)

Home made bread. Tasted a bit vile with her special gluten flour. Was ok with Homepride

Spoon whittling...been 3 years in the making so will be finished...

an invaluable gill net. should I find myself lost, by a river, in need of a stickleback fry up

A weekend doggy sitting at Kingsbury water park...Just me, Tarq and peace.... (5m Nordisk Tipi's first trip)

And yet another 3 trips back to Nantcol..!

Finally a foggy trip to Brook Meadow in Northants in November....

and ok...a week in the caravan at Bude :)  Where Tarq got hives and turned into bubblewrap, within half hour of getting there

stopover in plymouth on the way..

vet bill of £150 for Mr bubblewrap

looking for bell tent goodies


Roll on 2015....


  1. Fab photos Val, I love the colourful mats and bright stripey windbreak. And hasn't Tarquin grown, he's gorgeous. Looks like he had a great time at all the various places in spite of his bubblewrap impression.

  2. Fab pics. Looking forward to your 2015 adventures!!!!

  3. Just saw this post - I'm very behind in reading/catching up. I didn't know you were at The Wilderness Gathering last year, we could have met up. If you're there this year let me know and we'll catch up - Die Jurte supplies all the huge black tents for the event every year so we'll be there this year too.

    1. Love the black tents. Its usually pouring, so very useful....I'll prod you if I get there again this year!

  4. Hi - I'm now addicted to your antics and rather than just being a voyeur thought I'd subscribe. Do you ever hire your tents out as you've inspired my birthday plans but can't afford to fork out nigh on £400 for a 5m bell - I'm in Shropshire


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