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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Home again!

Just got this back this afternoon from Brook Meadows. Arrived Friday and happy to say my tent, porch and pop up had survived the gales during the week, as I left everything pitched from the previous weekend. It was bliss just to turn up with a few clean clothes and the cool box full of yummies.

I frequently camp with a crowd of people I chat to online (anyone welcome to join!) so I suppose I should introduce these weird humans, who, like me, prefer sleeping in field under a thin bit of material to sleeping in a nice electric and gas central heated house

I shall start backwards with the pic from the end of the meet. Would like to apologise for me still being in pj's but it wasn't quite 2pm yet

L/R back: nutgone, nick, chris (hiding), jayne, gillys friends (can't remember their names sorry!), gumball and Steve (my OH on a rare visit)
L/R front: Intents, me, Homer, Cathy, Gilly & Annie

The meet was supposed to be bell tents only, then it was changed to bell tents and pyramids, then anything canvas....then finished as any old bin bags allowed.

As we are all a bit into the glamping at the moment as well, it was chance for everyone to show off their latest makeovers. Gumball excelled, thoroughly embracing his feminine side, he went the whole hog and actually brought 2 matching tea light lanterns

As gumball actually finished his glamping about 3 hours before the rest of us it freed him off to go and fetch firewood for the firepits. He approached the farmer and was allowed to help himself to as much wood as he wanted. Not content with just bringing these planks back, he obviously went into deprived childhood mode and continued to create his own huge game of jenga with a small saw. Jenga was cremated through the night and non existant the next day

Not in the line up above but Smoky and Scep arrived the next day and made short work of pitching the lime and purple mini canvas tent.

It took them slightly longer to unpitch it all and put the fly sheet on the right way round

Intents had some rivetting tales to tell us about her genital warts and after a few bottles of vodka proceeded to show us them...

Homer had a few problems with smoke in his eyes off the camp fires...

And not having a lot of pride he was happy to wear the wart hat to cover his eyes even though he knew where it had been

Being a very responsible and sober group, cathy decided to equip herself with a vomit trug and moppy cloth just in case the second bottle of red wine had a negative effect (it did and was projectile vomitted into nutgones ear at some stage of the night)

Bright and breezy once the alcohol has worn off the next day. intents and her yellow daisy tent

Annie's bell peeping through the bushes

Cathy's Izmir, pre-sick. Actually it got a bit of a battering this weekend. As Cathy tried to sleep off the ill effects, the dog escaped from the tent, threw herself in the lake (complete with a fetching flowered tabard which was supposed to keep her warm and dry at night). We grabbed her, pushed her through the small zip opening dripping wet at 1am, did the zip up quick and ran

View of some of the tents from the other side of the lake

The witches of Eastwick remade (minus alcohol but compulsory dehydration cola)

Tried to prise the toy back off Ella, but after watching cathy's exorcist demonstration, Ella tried her own version. She got to keep the toy...

OK intents, Homer says you can have your hat back...

And lastly a crap picture of nutgone, as he was the newest recruit to this weekend thought he should get a mention, as he fitted in with with our inane chatter and drunken antics very well. Have a much nicer pic but he might like that one, so posted this one instead

Next trip is end of the month to Stonehenge site to recce it out for New Year meet....just happens to be halloween as well so no doubt will be some sort of strange decor...

PS: Revenge is sweet...debhill visited this morning, and always tells me I have bird nest hair...soooooo here is debhill with messy messy hair....(is alway immaculate and groomed, think she sterilises hands and feet when she leaves us)

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