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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My new camping companion....

After going away and experiencing camping with Steve (the Other Half) at Brook Meadow I have decided I needed a new camping companion who was less hassle.

I have found the perfect replacement. He is a lot less messy, eats very little (well nothing) takes hardly any room up in the bed, and will be a much greater help when pitching the tent. He is very agreeable in conversations, although he can be a little quiet, but I am prepared to overlook what must be shyness for the fact he never questions anything

Meet Bert

So he is all kitted out now and will accompany me on my camping weekends. First up will be Halloween at Stonehenge in 10 days time. Always willing to join in he embraces the occasion (unlike miserable OH)

And the good thing is any sweets he collects will be all mine due to his non existant appetite

There was one slight hiccup on the selection the shop I noticed the undercrackers had a rather large hole for his appendage, and I commented to the girl, 'I can't believe they even put a hole down the front!' only to be advised that it wasn't actually for bear genitalia....

but his tail...



  1. ha ha Val, only you!

    brilliant, can't wait to meet Bert!

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