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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Off again this weekend

Off tomorrow for a weekend in Northants at Brook Meadows. Weather forecast is gale force winds and intermittent rain. Perfect as usual

Market Harborough is about 4 mile away so will no doubt waste a bit of time ambling round shops, is the best cooking shop ever there. Purchased a large enamel pot last weekend there and love it. (yes i went there last weekend as well...)

Market Harborough

My nice pot

Weather was lovely last weekend hence last minute quick getaway. Camping round the lake was idyllic.

Well apart from Homer who thought it was perfectly acceptable to go swimming at 8pm, hence a soaking wet soggy dog burrowing under the duvet at 11pm as he hadn't dried out

The beast from the lagoon

Just chilling at night

View from the pitch

I only camp to get 5 mins peace from my manic dogs

Being an avid birdwatcher I recognised this monster that swooped down and robbed a fish. It is a pterodactyl

Not the best pic, but is obviously not a sparrow. Think it may be a cormorant but have lost my twitchering for beginners book

Now this one was humungous but when i put my glasses on realised it is a glider from centre next door to campsite

Was a quiet weeekend as just me and the mutts, so I had plenty of time to ponder on absolute rubbish. Due to the hot weather I seemed to be drinking extreme loads of capri sun (9 out of the 10 pack were finished in about an hour). This led me to think (as you do) I was obviously chonic diabetic and my days were numbered. So decided to do a test (told you I had to find things to occupy myself on my own) so cut the top of the capri sun container and poured it into a glass. It never even went halfway.

So have decided I am not diabetic, just the tight arse capri sun people only give you a gnats piss quantity of drink.

Hopefully this weekend will be more exciting as there will be other humans there...

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