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Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Years Resolutions.....a Mr Men tent for me...and an overdue kitchen makeover

The exciting resolution is I get to paint my 5m tent with lovely little Mr Men, as my daughter doesn't look as tho she will relinquish hers at any time in the near future.

So project Mr Men is to keep me busy for the next few weeks. I have already started accumulating (ok, obsessively collecting every Mr Men artifact available) ready to kit out my pre-school decorated palace

Laying it out on the bed, I'm thinking that this is probably enough. Although a Mr Men quilt would be nice if I get my crafty head on

BUT there will be a delay....

The main project I have to do is the kitchen decorating.

For those that think I am this perfect homeproud housewife....I have lived with this crap hole for 2 years now rather than get off my arse and actually decorate (the tiles are stacked under the cupboard somewhere....)

Not being able to afford a new fitted proper kitchen, it will be more of a bell tent makeover than ideal home, but nothing can be worse than it is at the moment.

To kick my arse into action I have taken some pics while it is a total hole. Enjoy!

Hopefully by March it will all be done, as camping will start in earnest, and I won't give a stuff about the house again!

I'll update if it ever looks any better!

Week 1

Looks no better than when I started. Saturday I ripped out the 2 cupboards on the right hand side. I now have the contents of these all over the floor. Cut the worktop and temporarily wedged it on top of the smaller cupboard using a few household bills and a tupperware lid. Trip to rubbish tip and dumped 20 year old plates, tupperware with no lids (they are obviously in use wedging various things around the house), 10 ice cube trays, 2 cheeseboards and other garbage I have hoarded

Sunday I moved the cooker socket (it was hopeless with a diagonal wire running along the side wall). Cooker hood fell off screws (not my fault I didn't put the bloody thing up) Secured this, now have working fan and lights on oven after 2 years.
Then I changed the 2 pendant lights to a flourescent tube fitting. Not as easy as it sounds...

Hour 1 - Try and work out why a pendant light has different wiring from a tube one
Hour 2 - Wire light
Hour 3 - re-wire light
Hour 4 - re-wire light again
Hour 5 - Adopt foetal position and suck thumb for 10 mins
Hour 6 - Finally works
Hour 7 - Clean cooker as can now see every grease mark and stain on it (should have kept it in the dark)

Didn't bother with pictures looks worse if anything.

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