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Friday, 27 January 2012

Time to diet?!

Got back from work yesterday and rummaged through my fleeces to get some comfy clothes on.

Ok the tracksuit bottoms were perfectly alright, but OMG how much weight had I put on when I put on the top!!! Bit of a struggle but managed to zip it up past my boobs (no small feat) and ok it was a bit clingy but on.

Looked at the sleeve though and I have a bit cut half way round the sleeve.
I was only wearing it in the house so it was fine really. (Although the cream cakes and curry's might need to take a back seat)

It wasn't until I saw this picture I realised why the top was so small.....

I had managed to squeeze myself into an age 13/14 fleece zipper...which I had in fact bought for New Year camping, for Homer to keep him warm round the fire. The cut was where i was going to trim the sleeve down cos he kept tripping over it.

When I got back after the New Year I had washed, folded and put it in the wardrobe....

Homer's not talking to me, he doesn't like his clothes being robbed

And finally (well ok a week later, but I'm not very patient) the Mr Men quilt is finished

I didn't wad/pad the pillowshams as thought they would get washed more often


  1. That's so funny Val!Love the photo of Homer, he looks really cosy in his fleece - not surprised he's not talking to you! lol

  2. Can't you sweet talk Homer and give him your last Rolo? The quilt and shams look fantastic Val. Looks so cosy. What was the tartan fabric you backed them with, sheeting? fleece? Brill job as usual, well done.

    Aunty Anon.xx

  3. Thanks Anon!
    Tartan fabric was a single quilt cover opened out. Ikea reduced to £5.99!

  4. Don't we all just luva bargain? Fanbloodytastic!!!
    Aunty A (otherwise known as AA)

  5. Hi Hun,
    How's the kitchen going or is that a dirty word? Anyhow, putting the kitchen to one side for the moment, as we do, what's next on the sewing/arty/farty/crafty agenda? There's gotta be summat on the drawing board. A gal's gotta prioritise!

    I'm just in the middle of making a patchwork quilt cover for my 1st Great g/child's proper bed. She's only 6months old just yet and in the cot so the quilt won't be needed for p'raps another year or so, thank God. Can only do it in tiny spurts cos of me blummin hands; done bedding for all 5 g/kids and now on the next generation. So rewarding to see these things still in use if only as 'throws' across their beds. Obviously means 'something' to them and gives me a nice warm feeling. Aawww, I'm all of a blubba now!!

    Keep posting Val - Bye for now - AA xx

  6. Kitchen is at stalemate :(. Might try and get some plaster on it this weekend. Will dry off over next week ready for tiling and papering in a fortnight then. Is a horrid thought as you get older that you body struggles to do things you want it to (I asked my mum if she would knit the back of a boring black jumper for me and was horrified when she said she couldn't knit anymore...meant i had to do it!) Arty crafty nothing planned altho might have a play for an hour now. Bound to be something I can throw together. Not sure if the Mr Men quilt will quite pass through the family as a 'heirloom' though!

    1. You can bet your bottom dollar LMC/LMB will covet it before you even have chance to use it! Quite right too - the good things in life are worth scrapping over lol. AA x

  7. Bet your bottom dollar that LMB/LMC will covet the quilt for her canvas palace. Don't talk about getting older, my eldest grandchild is now 26! FFS, my body will not obey my commands anymore and it p*ss*s me off. Some things in life we've just gotta accept. Sorry, didn't mean to moan. Bye4now AA xx


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