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Friday, 13 January 2012

Week 2 - Kitchen plans...?

OK to kick my arse into action this weekend I will post on here that I PLAN to scrape all the vile tile grout off the walls and get them ready for filling with plaster/polyfilla (depends what mess they are in)

Haven't done anything all week in the kitchen, think I must have SADS as is depressing enough when the nights are dark, without facing DIY jobs

Also as the daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas it has sort of made me mess around on mine quite a lot as well (have no excuse as she is in Plymouth and I am about 200 mile North from her)

So nightly projects this week have had naff all to do with tiles and grout. Have been very arty farty and made the following...

Started off with a padded cover for the kindle (finally got round to using this and downloading some books). Bought a single quilt cover as I plan to make some sort of Mr Men padded quilt, but seem to have hundreds of the little

Next was a book cover which I made for some sewing book. Actually the book isn't that good so will never get used really. But it looks nice. Did debate putting the cover on one of my cookery books, but the only one it fits is the 'rock cake' book. The book contains enought crumbs to actually rebuild a ten year old rock cake. It is a right mess on page 45 and the pages are sticking together. Not sure I want all this gunge all over my nice cover

And a mini version which is a needle case. Took a while to get the needles in though as most of them were rusty in the bottom of the 'sewing box' (actually its a tupperware)

And another cover (anything is better than working on the kitchen)...just has an empty jotter in it. Shall add flashes of inspirational recipes to this one

I did originally do one of the o's in a white pattern but it looked like it said 'cock', so I had to redo it

Moving on next it was time to play at quilting. Googled a 'wonky log cabin quilt' (evidently that's what this is). Found one of the many American tutorials (UK people don't do crafty work. They just buy stuff in Next). So used another Mr Man up (3,607 to go) and made a cushion cover (obviously I am running low on cushions having not bought one for over 48 hours)

And a motif on the back, just because i had one and didnt know what to do with it. There is also a funny little green mark in the shadow which i didnt notice till i finished the cushion. I will pretend Mr Happy had a cold

And lastly tonights offerings were Lucy Goosey. I challenged the daughter to make one of these, so jumped in quick and made one....

Enjoyed doing it and it was easy, so I made another...although he reminds me of Batman

Can't help thinking mine look more like Fraggle Rock characters than the goose in the tutorial...

So a very productive week on the kitchen decorating......

OK, OK I'll start tomorrow :(


  1. Val, I've followed your blog from day 1. Your arty/crafty/buggerthehouse attitude has taken over from where I left off - due to stuffingwellGodamit screwmaticky hands etc. I'm living my creativity days allover again through your abfab blog. Don't ever give up. And wot do we have here but another generation in Little Miss C. Obviously takes after her Ma. Like you, I have 2 DD's. No1 is artycrafty etc so follows in my footsteps; No2 just doesn't givadam - shame ain't it? Don't know wot they're missing.

  2. Thank you for the words of encouragement, makes it all worth writing if someone enjoys it! Yeah my No 2 Daughter (is not in order of preference in case this comment causes WW3) is more of a staple and sellotape kind of sewing person...

  3. DD2 & staple / sellotape?? sounds familiar! I too wasn't infering choice of preference either, just that DD No1 is the elder of the two


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