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Thursday, 9 April 2015

A few more crafty bits

We started a group on facebook (here) for making crafty bits for the tents, so this spurred the latest fad of trying to crochet...

So far this has resulted in the circular blanket for the round air bed, which I blogged about previously

And a few random things...

No idea if this will ever get finished, but a crochet pole cover seemed like a good idea... (relegated to bottom of wicker basket at the moment)

Then there was some garland, based on this pattern, which turned out ok....

and did actually make it into the tent :)

A few discarded starter projects...

Next was the cover for the cupboard, the usual bright colours that don't show every mucky pawprint

Then the sun came out, so crafty duties had to be relevant to spending time in the garden...

A project had been waiting in the shed for a few months, the table re-furb

Some cheap £2 enamel paints from B & Q, and a background colour from a tester pot of emulsion

Then a fuzzy layer of more paint rubbed randomally on it

A couple of hours later...Voila! and its transformed!!!

Not sure for the better tbh, but its different... :)

And I did actually manage to get away camping last week :) So hopefully will blog that when Tarq leaves me alone for 5 minutes to do it

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