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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

CRAFTY: Hanging Tea Light Lanterns

Some quick instructions on how to make some hanging tea light holders

Materials needed:

Small Jars (Jam, kilner, anything will do that you can fit a tea light through the neck)
Sharpies in your preferred colours
Elastic Bands


Simply draw any design onto the glass jar. The sharpies are permanent and dry instantly, so no smudging etc.  If you use a black and more bold design it will reflect through the glass onto the wall.

Mine are just random 5 minute dabblings of nothing much in particular, but they look ok from a distance...!

The twine holder is easy, and just involves 4 strands of twine, cut then knotted evenly around the jar.  There are more intricate macrame holders on you tube etc, but I was quite happy with basics, and used the instructions in this link:

How to make the twine hanging holder

It was made in the same way as we created a gill net at the Wilderness Gathering.  I have yet to utilise this skill for catching sticklebacks though

The only other comment I would make is don't be alarmed when you light them - the twine sparks and instantly goes out, but frightens the life out of you (I thought it was the quickest making and destruction of a DIY project yet).  Pull the twine away when you light the candle!

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