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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

New tent made of bricks and mortar....

Well I may as well add our latest 'tent'...

After a few years of camping at Nantcol Waterfalls in Llanbedr, and doing the usual, 'scour the estate agents for a plot of land, chalet etc etc'.  I came across a converted chapel apartment in Barmouth

And fell in love

After an in depth adult conversation with the OH ..

'Do you want to go halves on buying a converted chapel flat in Barmouth?'

'Yes, ok'

Job done

So 5 months later we randomally own a mortgage...

Not ideal for dogs, as there is no garden, but Tarq is more than happy staying there.  It does mean I started off with 6am & 11pm walks on the beach for 'wee' time, but now I have resolved the situation by ignoring him and tying elastic bands around his knob

It's located in the High Street, so easy access to everything - beach, shops, pubs.  But stands back from the road, so you can curtain twitch at the passerbys, but its very quiet in the flat.

I must admit getting the mortgage money out of Steve was slightly easier than getting him to cough up to furnish it, but we got there eventually

So all a very much new venture for us, but will see how it goes.  And of course it does mean I get to stay there when its not booked out :)

Booking Link:

Facebook Page:

And some more random Pics of it...

We need to add a full staircase, as the ladder wasn't the greatest health & safety idea for a rental.  So this is on hold until after the summer season, but hopefully we will get this done before xmas.  It then opens up the huge third mezzanine bedroom :)

So all a very new venture....

I have placed a permanent link to this page on the right hand side of the blog :)


  1. What a fantastic new 'tent'! It looks fabulous, and deserves to be called an apartment, not a flat. I quite fancy a stay there myself but with three dogs it's a no-no.

    I spent a few hours in Barmouth one day over Easter and I know I haven't explored the area as much as I could have done. I've just been looking at your Facebook page and it's given me some great ideas of places to go in the future.

    I wish you well with your new venture and hope you get lots of bookings :)

    1. The area is stunning and great for dog walks!

      And yes I love the brick tent :)

  2. I love it too, all the best with your holiday let.

  3. Poor dog's knob. You do make me laugh!


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