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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Filling in time till camping next weekend

I was supposed to be away this weekend as stupidly suggested we climb Scafell Pike. Weather forecast was grotty, getting fit never happened (gym membership would have been better spent on C & C Club membership) couldn't take the dogs (too unfit) and the Wasdale site you can't take your car to the pitch - which would mean camping in horrid nylony type tent in rain waiting for doom and gloom of mountain climb

So instead I decided Friday to make the stove cover for Rhubarb. As the OH was at the pub it was a good chance to drag him downstairs without getting caught red-handed with a tent he doesn't know exists still.

Was all going well and stove flap cut and started sewing on the velcro...

...that was until the door opened and OH comes home early from the Rhubarb isn't the easiest tent to disguise....gulp

Conversation was like this...

'What you up to?'
'Oh just watching TV'
'No I mean the sewing on the table..?'
'Oh that, I'm just making a cover for hole where the stove goes...'
'So how does that work, all that material goes over the tent..?'
'Err that is the Rhubarb....'


Rest of weekend did a few sewing bits, favourite was new cushion (radley I am not infringing on copyright, my dog is nothing at all like yours. He is savage and has no eye)

Got a bit carried away using leftover scraps of material as well, got enough bunting to go round the bell about 4 times

So housework was put on hold again, dog hair is accumulating under table, alongside material and sewing thread, as I have prioritised my camping obsession as usual

Next weekend is backpacking the Monsal Trail at Bakewell. Will be a killer as fitness grotty and will have kitchen sink in backpack. Shall drag Barley along so she suffers as well...will update when it's over..if I survive

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