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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Putting up drapes in the bell

Had a play at the weekend to make the drapes go up and down easily in the bell. Just so I can get the nice brothel effect..

Curtains are a thin cotton ready made set from ikea,(there are 3 sets - 6 curtains in total) logic being they will act as a partial inner and retain heat. And look pretty obviously.

First off I drilled an eye bolt into the 4m pole (the 5m will be fine, just use the existing hook as it is higher anyway) - the drapes are too low using the hook thats already on the 4m pole.

I ran a cord through the tab tops on the curtain and then just tied this through the pole hook

I then measured the curtains in the tent and marked where they hit the top of the wall. Sewed a channel here (easier to make it slightly shorter, if its too long the drapes will sag and no way of tightening them. However you can always loosen the top cord to drape them more if they are short)

Threaded through another cord for each of the curtains through this channel

Then tied a hook (bought off ebay) to the 2 ends, and put a hook in each gap of the 6 curtains where they met the wall (the hooks attach to the inner bell tent plastic loops)- the curtains are all separate, no need to sew them together

Tighten the cord and its done

Brothel complete!

Just back today, pic of the drapes in use


  1. That looks lovely! I can't wait to see it furnished with all your bits and bobs.

  2. Can I have a little bit of credit for this idea ;-)

  3. tuttttt...! credit to annie for working out a way to attach at the bottom! Was faffing with hoops and stuff to try and do them before. There!

  4. wow that looks fantastic!!!Genius idea!


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