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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The painted tents are getting contagious

Can't take credit for these as they're not mine

Painted by a strange woman I go camping with who lives in the welsh valleys, she made a vodka fuelled decision to have a go at painting the tent acquired on ebay

The bright yellow relum izmir didn't look it's best on the ebay profile (we did debate whether she had actually finished off the bottle of vodka by the final bidding) but turned out to be a little cracker when she got it.


The theme is to be daisies and sunflowers. Precutting stencils first (very thorough, mine are just random splats)

The door all daisyed

onto the sunflower trim

Merthyr won't know what's hit it....(actually she's not from merthyr but it winds her up if I say she is)

Shall take some sneaky pics of the finished tent in October when it's pitched and glamped

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