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Saturday, 10 September 2011

New Stove arrived

DHL delivered the new stove yesterday. Have managed to smuggle it in to ever groaning conservatory

My original one is the 4kw workman from K & P, but i find I tend to overload it and get a bit of smoke kickback, and it only stays in for about 3-4 hours overnight.

So for the winter camping I have 'invested' (foolishly splurged out again) in the larger 5kw Woodman stove, also from K & P, which will work off the same flue/chimney fittings.

Pics to show size comparisons between the two (weight of the woodman is about 24kg)

Weather too crap to camp today or might have gave it a test


  1. looks very neat and I'm sure you'll be glad of the extra heat!

  2. Just the extra weight and room I'm not so keen on!

  3. This blog is just amazing so much information. We are just about to buy our first canvas tent and looking at a Lotus Belle. I would really like to put a little stove in but I am really struggling to find instructions on how to make the hole in the tent, what type of kit to buy to do this and how do we plug the gap if we don't want to take the stove?

    Any advice or links you can pass on would be really appreciated.


    1. I thought it might be easier to do a whole blog entry, so hope this helps!


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