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Monday, 18 June 2012

Scotland...Volume 2...Applecross

We actually got a bit of information the night before we headed off to Scotland. Evidently the road to Applecross was a bit of a cliffhanger....

Lovely re-assuring news as only last week after I serviced the car I was told the brakes are about to rub the disks....

Annie was elated at the concept of the mountain pass, but it wasn't that bad if you closed your eyes

By now the 'Passing Place' signs were a permament part of the landscape anyway, but not so great on the bend of the roads. There is the coastal option route which is slightly less daunting but another 5 extra miles.

Soo away we go!

Hard to say if it was more 'enjoyable' returning or going...

But we eventually arrived to a fairly packed campsite (it was jubilee weekend so expected), it did thin out over the days we were there, but we soon staked our claim to our 10m square of grass and got everything pitched up

Saw the T2's parked over the site and said a brief 'hellloooo'.

All finished and glamped!

Would just like to say as the pitching and unpitching went on the glamping declined...if we had stayed and moved for another 2 weeks, i would be sleeping in the tent bag with an umbrella over me, and a tealight in each eyeball

Onsite restaurant looked nice but we never actually ate there (not strictly true as Barley broke loose one day and appeared to be dining with friends inside when i eventually found her)

First night was pretty midgy free and a lovely evening. Here's the view from 'Shite' rock (so named as we walked up this hill on campsite for dogs to do their dailys)

Also at the top of here we found a fun circular thing to play on. It was like a bell tent with no canvas (pretty much the same as ours looked after Loch Lomond)

We also had a run around here until we realised after thundering over it, there were signs all along the front saying it was a partially excavated bothy and to keep off...

Picture of half of bothy

I think Applecross was the only site that didn't allow we had a fire here...yummy meatballs

After a nights sleep the following day we went exploring Applecross.

I had a bit of an orange calippo ice lolly fetish here, whilst Annie ate half a magnum mint factory

Out for a drive we pulled over to take a few pics. It was then we noticed another person taking pics of the view, but not of the scenery...his car. Car obsessive man was in the next 3 ditches getting the right angles of his 'baby'. As he drove past I said to Annie, I'll take a pic of his car he will be really chuffed!!

So here is his car...

BUT embarrassingly this got a bit out of he stopped...and reversed back...and the woman in the car demanded 'did you take a picture of our car??'...err yes...its very nice...umm... (bggr feck what do I say). Big smiles and they offer to pose in it for me...

Errr....great!!! So here is another picture of their car which i had to take....

Passed a few dead fish smelling beaches which Homer was happy to oblige and paddle in. Until we came to Sands Beach...proper white sand and dunes stuff

We got out the car and started off up the path to the beach. Annie led the way. Straight over a boulder and fell like a sack of shite on the path in front. Unfortunately at the time I was scooping up more of my vile dogs arse offerings so I never got a picture...was a bit gutted about that

Pretty nice!

cmon Annie, it's easy honest (like walking through porridge really but i was secretly hoping for another Annie flat on face shot)

I could get used to this...

Homer with what looks like one of his '5 a day' It's not actually a banana skin, it's his toy

The famous croft from the TV show with Monty Hall (I have no idea what it was as I never watched it really)

Stopped for another walk by the river on the way back (anything to try and knacker Homer out)

I managed to persuade Annie again that crossing the river was a doddle....

But at least the dogs found a great way of getting all that excess water off...

He's still not looking knackered :S

YESSSSS! he looks tired!!

So we put on all our refinery (clean knickers and brushed our teeth) and headed for a meal out at the pub. Trouble is the rest of the entire population of applecross also went for a meal at the same pub. After standing in the garden for half hour with a Swedish flag (the idea being the waitress can find you. However with no table still, we may as well have been standing in Sweden)

Eventually we were given a table inside and had a few beers, brilliant steak (highly recommend the Applecross Inn food!) and finished off with a luvly whisky. Well it was vile, but 'when in Rome' and all that stuff...

Annie savouring the malt...

It was one of them 'laugh or cry' moments as it took off a few layers of your throat

Started reading my 'fifty shades of Grey' book. Is a bit like Mills and Boon crossed with Penthouse. All fairly mediocre at the moment though, have to wait for the next installment I think before he starts with the gritty filth....Probably not a great choice of book whilst holidaying and sleeping with 2 fat labs. All seemed a bit far fetched and perfect but felt remarkably better when the 'devestatingly attractive billionaire young business man was described as having....gorgeous just mussed and come to bed COPPER hair!!' He's a bloody ginger!!! Can sleep ok now, lifes never perfect (bet they dont use a carrot head in the film)

Packed up on the 3rd day and began to see Annies devious plan in evading packing up the kitchen tent....she would embark in conversations with anyone.....

Caught redhanded, gassing to campers

Only other jaunt we had was in the opposite direction to the village shop (blummin lovely lemon cakes), passed a few pretty bits

So packed up and onwards we go...Skye is the next destination.....


  1. did you use the bridge or take the ferry ? Is the ferry from the Kyle still on the go ? (please please say it is !!!)

  2. err used the bridge. didnt look at the ferrys so dont know :(


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