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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vote for Tillie please!

There is a small competition on preloved for the bestest campervan. I have stuck a pic of Tillie on there (technically I haven't actually put blood sweat and tears into her renovation..)

If we win we get tickets for a Veedub festival in Leeds (which tbh is ambitious as dont actually know if she would get that far) plus a picnic hamper and a couple of books

Ok so it's not a holiday for 4 in Florida, but is now a vendetta as the nasty green van that is second keeps pipping me. It is a wedding veedub, so don't want the money grabbing bggrs to get the advertising and prize for their see a nice personal family van should win...(like Tillie..)

Click here to vote

Thanks to anyone who votes!


  1. I've just tried to cheat and do it twice but it won't let me - bugger! lol

  2. Wouldn't let me either, just kept saying 'updating' - for a really really long time!


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