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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Day 3 - A boat trip

Day 3

Yayyyy! Got the fat little bggr up the stairs (well we carried him), so spent the night in a proper bed.  He got his own back and woke me up at 8am demanding breakfast and walks.  Must say I was quite thankful, gorgeous morning with the sun out and total silence apart from the gulls on the beach.


We walked his lead for a while then back to the house to decide how to spend the day

As OH didn’t emerge until 11am had written the day off but we decided to visit Seahouses.  Within 5 minutes of arriving we had somehow booked and were waiting on the slipway for a trip on the catamaran round the Farne Islands.  The women in the sales huts for the boats were a ‘funny’ bunch. All vying for attention and slating the women at the end booth. We booked with the women at the end booth

Was praying that we didn’t have to negotiate an open plan staircase onto the boat, or I would be carrying a fat Labrador over it. I purchased a bag of fresh doughnuts in case I had to resort to bribery
The Serenity II wasn't so serene once Homer boarded

Was also worried that we were going to have the company of these 2, as they waited patiently for the boat to come in – thankfully there were only 8 of us in total, plus 3 dogs

Surprisingly Homer was fine, but at the exact moment of boarding a Harrier jet went over, Barley turned to jelly (hates loud noises) and spent the rest of the boat trip shaking under the chair
Steve had embraced the whole Captain of the Ship experience and was suitably dressed in a fetching souwester (actually its some vile yellow jacket he bought form T K Maxx).  I asked him to do a Titanic pose and he failed miserably (he's not a big cinema goer)

We were treated to a trip round a lot of little islands, overflowing with lighthouses, terns and birdy things (sorry not a twitcher)

Pic of the puffin burrows in the banks (puffins had all bggrd off though)

Everywhere around us were little seals heads watching.  Would get the camera and they would duck under quick, their faces remind me of Homer

More lighthouses and the story of Grace Darling, the local heroine, who evidently used to live round here when she rescued a party off a shipwreck


The resident dog on the boat was amusing as well, he would sort of tap dance round the boat, stop, do a little shuffle to get his balance, then run over to the other side

We got back late (thank you Mr Car park attendant for not charging and clamping me for the 30 mins over).

A quick visit to the gift shop as it was recommended as being 'so bad it is good'.  It's not, honestly, it really is awful.

Drove back via Alnwick and stopped off to look in Barters Book (very famous evidently).  However, due to winter opening hours kicking in, the most we saw was through squinting through a gap in the curtain…

And I had high hopes that perhaps they would barter Steve for a first edition of anything….

Drove home and slobbed for the rest of the night

Day 4

Today is treehouse day. Lunch is booked for 2pm. Hopefully the OH will be able to drag himself out of bed by then....




  1. What was the treehouse lunch like? Barters Books sounds uber posh.

    My two DDs have been talking about all of us having a joint family Christmas up in that area this year so I'm very interested in your jaunts.


  2. Love the rainbow over the lighthouse in the first pic Val.

    In reply to the above post - if your family like castles have a look round the one at Warkworth, just on the north side of Amble. There's nothing in it but it's still very interesting and big enough to get lost in - I did! - plus great views over Amble from the top. £4.95 to get in plus £3 to park, but if you show your car park ticket at the pay desk your car park fee is refunded.

    I won't hog Val's blog by making other suggestions but if you have a look at my blog there's some ideas there for you.

    1. Yeah already nosed round warkworth but not done the audio tour yet. Is only 2 mile away so we seem to pass through most days


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