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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Day..err...dunno...lost count

Set off and had a quick nose at Warkworth castle on the way to Alnwick – took a few pics but hoping to return to do the audio tour later in the week.  The dogs are allowed in, but not sure the stone will stand up to Homer peeing at it every opportunity he gets

Next stop today was back to Alnwick to Barter Books.  This time it was open, so we managed to have a good nosey about.  Amongst the high brow scholars of the shop I think we fitted in nicely.

Loved the train that runs along the top of the book shelves, and there are quotes everywhere, the whole building is very charming – complete with buffet car tea room and cosy coffee corners. Even let dogs in (no I didn’t bring mine in, anywhere that leaves biscuits on display within reach of Homers nose is a no go area)
Although there was a moment in the children’s section when Steve decided to sit on the ladybird, much to the disgust of the sales assistant who happened to walk by at the same time

Suitable chastised he settled down and did some more serious reading
Bit of information, Barter books is to blame for the revival of all the ‘Carry on and keep calm’ branding.  Evidently some old posters were found in one of the boxes of books here and it catapulted into ridiculous heights of mass produced ‘keep calm and do bloody everything’

We then visited the antique shop next door, putting on our serious collectors heads we mooched in here for about 20 mins.  As we left the elderly sales assistant said to us ‘Next time you visit we’ll see if we can find some bowlers in your size?’  Not having a clue what she was talking about, other than Steve had shown some interest when we first walked in, Steve enlightened me with this photograph he had taken, where he obviously had an audience….

Time to visit the Treehouse restaurant next.  As we were booked in we managed to evade car parking charges, although I’m not sure the attendant was convinced we had booked.  We were a bit early so had a play and a mooch round the restaurant.  There were quite a few elderly people who were a bit unsure about the rope bridges, I’m sure Steve did nothing to alleviate their fears…

Outside the restaurant there is also a private hut that can be booked for meals, plus the ‘Potting Shed’, a bar

Went in and got seated in enormous heavy wood seats.  Had a meal of goat and asparagus salad, fish and chips, and finished with double chocolate and baileys torte with caramel cream. Was yummmmmmmm and so crap on my diet L

Loved it here, so we booked for dinner on our last night to save clearing up the kitchen etc (that’s my excuse anyway) Also I want to see it lit up at night


Back to the dogs and Steve and Homer practised their skating on ice routine...
Perfect co-ordination...

Working nicely together now

 Then Homer went off freestyling... 
Went for a walk round Alnwick afterwards, not much but a few shops but got some entertainment watching the fire brigade putting out a Citroen


Went home and watched a DVD, the woman in black.  Not the greatest of Daniel Radcliffe fans tbh, the film was ok but nothing special.  Perhaps I should watch equus where he has his knob hanging out; he might appeal more to me then….

Also now have the ritual of blocking Homer out of the cupboard after he discovered there is a football sitting in there, which he keeps swiping every time he gets the opportunity (unless it's a cunning plan and he is really after the gin)
Carried Homer up the stairs and another day gone…..


  1. That was lovely Val; seeing the pic's of Treehouse reminded me I HAD actually been couple of years ago on a day out up to Alnick. Just forgot the name (senior moment) and enjoyed a fab meal. Thought it a bit pricey (I'm a tight arsed/fisted Yorks lass!) but considering the quirky layout of the place plus quality of nosh, it's to be expected.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay..........AA

    1. Yep, was never going to be cheap paying for location etc - But at least food was decent as well
      Last night tonight so we finish with dinner here, just wrapped up the holiday nicely
      Back to beans on toast for the next 6 months then

  2. Great read!! I want that house!!! :-) Area looks fabulous.. Hell of a drive for us sadly


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